Apple iPhone 8 Plus splits while charging in Taiwan

Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in mid-September and while iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus made it to most parts of the world, iPhone X is still not available in many countries including India.

One of the early buyers of iPhone 8 has now claimed that his iPhone split open while charging the device. According to the images posted by the user, the split happened due to the swollen battery, reports 9to5Mac. It belonged to a Ms. Wu and was the 64GB Gold variant.

According to the sources, the device is being examined by the company. The issue crippled five days after the device was purchased and the handset started splitting up within three minutes of putting on charge.

Moreover, a Japanese customer also tweeted images of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus that was ordered with the screen bulging off from the body, exposing the innards. The user said that the handset arrived in the same state.

Another unconfirmed report (from The Next Web) cites that iPhone 8’s battery is manufactured by the same company (Amperex Technology Limited) that made the batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If this report is to be believed then it is a little worrying considering the fact that everyone knows what happened to Note 7 last year.

Nevertheless, it is too early to speculate things. We just hope that Apple finds the issue and fixes it as soon as possible.

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