Alternatives to Voluum & Competitor Features, Pricing Pros & Cons

What is Voluum?

Voluum is a cutting-edge, legitimate technology for monitoring online ad campaigns. It’s common across performance marketers as well as those looking for advertising opportunities to assess their efforts or marketing techniques.

It has a great way of processing data and providing consumers with valuable knowledge. Due to its high cloud storage and usability on just about any laptop, you can use it at any moment and from anywhere around the world. It offers high-security authentication and encryption, equivalent to every accountancy site or app since it manages confidential data from its clients.

Voluum Features:

  1. Your ads system wouldn’t be sluggish with direct tracking pixels in any area.
  2. Track your display ad views to have a sense of how well they’re doing.
  3. Your server monitoring in the Voluum profile is secured with an SSL license.
  4. Various cost types such as CPC, CPM, CPA, and Revshare are available.
  5. With 35+ models, you can build hassle-free advertisements.

Voluum is among the most widely used click tracking services offered. However, this is not for everyone because it has certain drawbacks, such as:

  1. It appears to lack information and tracking at the granular level.
  2. Its costs have risen dramatically all of a sudden.
  3. The starter package is $69 per month and excludes several of the most important functions for experienced advertisers.
  4. Lack of ability to trace through devices

For the amount you spend on Voluum, there have been hundreds of click-tracking apps on the platform currently that provide equivalent or perhaps even superior functionality. Until deciding on the right approach, we suggest comparing Voluum to a variety of several similar Affiliate Marketing Software services offered by certain providers.

With too many product choices influenced by cost, functionality, and provider reputation, you can collect enough information to make an informed decision when agreeing to terms. You, therefore, reduce the chances of getting the wrong or small app that isn’t consistent with the specifications.

Voluum Alternatives

Alternatives to Voluum

Let’s take a look at a few of the Voluum alternatives –

1. FunnelFlux Pro

It’s a tool or technology that monitors campaigns on Facebook, Taboola, and any other social media site you can assume of. It is possible to create graphical experiences that are both easy and sophisticated. It is possible to track page views, actions, and sales. With its assistance, we can stay updated on real-world and long-term marketing initiatives.

What is the aim of FunnelFlux Pro and who uses it?

It is used by performance marketers to create easy yet sophisticated visual experiences, resulting in a detailed report. Additional features are industry-leading javascript monitoring, limitless reporting, as well as a unique combination deal with optimizer.

Advertising firms may trace any type of activity and use FunnelFlux Pro as a data center. Other features incorporate lifetime value analysis, industry-leading javascript monitoring, plus accessibility to multi-users which will be ready soon.

It allows consumers to follow their product’s purchase from beginning to end. ROI too is given due consideration. Custom webhook integration with cart modules is in the works and would be great.


Let’s take a look at a few of FunnelFlux Pro’s great capabilities, including a few added quality measures. They are as follows:

  1. Making visual funnels that aren’t limited to any one size.
  2. Reports that are both comprehensive and are kept up to date.
  3. Each metric is provided to the consumer that he or she needs.
  4. Without the disruption of cookies, monitoring is easy.
  5. There are quick international redirects available.
  6. There is no restriction on the number of customized domains you may have.
  7. The user interface is perfectly organized and it is simple to employ.
  8. Trials are completely threat-free.


The Funnelflux pro comes with three distinct plans. A 14-day trial period program is accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. The following are the options:

  • The most basic package is $99 per month.
  • The monthly growth plan is $299.
  • The monthly scale plan is $499.

By essence, every one of the perks accessible inside these three categories is nearly identical; just one variation is the number of visits and commissions on additional clients. FunnelFlux Pro, on the other hand, proves to become the greatest Voluum competitor. It offers the greatest characteristics at a low cost. So, if you want to utilize FunnelFlux Pro, we recommend it because it has the most functions.

2. ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker was established in 2014 as more of an affiliate link tracking system. It comes with a plethora of handy functions. Around 50 traffic streams are supported by ThriveTracker. ThriveTracker will leverage a massively scalable AWS system to ensure that the affiliate links run rapidly for those who choose to utilize redirection to track the visits.

Furthermore, all traffic would be directed via your unique domain, ensuring that no negative consequences arise. Not just that, but employing redirects to track the activity isn’t the only option. You may put their pixel onto the homepage or marketing page rather if you prefer. ThriveTracker would still be capable of reviewing and assessing any split tests if traffic is sent from your traffic provider towards the website.

Split testing is an effective approach to improve marketing ads, and ThriveTracker provides in-depth statistics that assist you to extract as much information as possible from the A/B tests. Each of your statistics will include a variety of data elements (such as demography, gender, and so on) to assist you in completely comprehending who your customers are, what they might be fascinated in, plus how much you might sell them.

The FAQ area of ThriveTracker offers solutions to frequently asked questions, something you might have while starting up and building up your profile. You must send a ticket by using a link on the company website if you call customer care. For certain firms, ThriveTracker also provides collaboration options. It will increase your visibility and enable you to simply cross-promote the brand. Overall, ThriveTracker is a good affiliate monitoring service for the money.


  1. AI Optimisation is part of it.
  2. It allows you to use Bot Filter.
  3. For Quick Redirects, it’s really useful.
  4. It has the auto-analysis feature.
  5. It assists in gaining domain control.
  6. It makes Funnel Support possible.
  7. It allows multiple users to utilize it.


  • ThriveTracker is based on the number of clicks that your campaigns receive. Cloud Lite, the most affordable package, costs $35 per month paid yearly or $39 per month charged monthly that enables you to analyze up to 100,000 visits.
  • Cloud Classic is the second plan that charges $79 per month if paid yearly and $99 per month if paid monthly. You may measure up to 1 million clicks every month with this package. Each package comes including one unique domain, and extra domains charging $10 per month.
  • Lastly, if you’re an industrial organization with special requirements, Cloud Elite allows you to establish a unique plan. A 14-day trial period is also available, throughout which you would track up to 1 million views.

3. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a wonderful substitute for Voluum since it is more cost-effective. It has excellent tracking capabilities for the customer’s whole funnel experience. To generate ClickMagick links throughout your whole funnel, there’s a specialized funnel construction generator. Alongside pixel tracking & query-string options enabling conversion tracking, this also includes a postback URL technique for monitoring conversions for affiliate programs wherein conversion pixels aren’t available.

ClickMagick gives you entry to comprehensive Cross-Device Tracking technology, which was previously only available to huge IT companies. For Tracking Links, Campaigns, and Rotators, cross-device tracking is accessible on the Standard as well as Pro subscriptions. ClickMagick additionally includes tools for tracking the actions of a particular Click ID and IP address, along with far more thorough reporting systems.

Features :

  1. Your whole sales funnel is tracked and optimized.
  2. Tracking across many devices.
  3. Split testing is both automated and clever.
  4. Retargeting in its most advanced form.
  5. Rotators are activated by clicking on them.
  6. Filtering of bots on an automatic basis
  7. Analyze the traffic quality automatically.
  8. Targeting by location and smartphone.
  9. Compatible with Google and Facebook Analytics.


There are three different plans available with ClickMagick. Unless you’re delivering more than 10,000 monthly hits to your funnels and affiliate deals, the basic plan of $27/month is plenty for many individuals. However, if you want additional clicks or cross-device monitoring, you might have to upgrade to the standard plan, which costs $67 per month. Voluum, where price options commence at $69/month and have a lot of limits in their beginning plan, is substantially less expensive.

4. Jot URL

It’s a one-time-use tool that covers all aspects of marketing’s expanding digitization. There are quite a few unique characteristics that you won’t find at all on any reputable website. There are around 125 parts in all. Jot URL is among the most recent arrivals in the sector, and it deserves to be noticed.

You can build customized links and measure link clicks together in an identical way to ClickMagick. Time-scheduled redirect, Max clicks redirect, Dynamic redirect, Weighted redirect, Password protected redirect, Sequential redirect, First click redirect, HTTP/HTTPS redirect, and others are among the redirection techniques available. You may give parameters to the target, perform link masking, as well as many other modern amenities whenever it concerns links.

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  1. It enables us to shorten URLs from our domains.
  2. There are flexible landing pages accessible, as well as open graph settings that may be adjusted.
  3. Link rotators come in four main varieties.
  4. CTAs can be subjected to A/B testing.
  5. Targeting at the right time.
  6. It has a restricted number of events.
  7. Manual cost update is possible.
  8. It generates QR codes that are dynamic.
  9. This has pixels for retargeting.


  • There is no free version available.
  • Free trials are available.
  • Independently, the price begins at $7.85 monthly.

5. RedTrack

For advertisers, affiliate marketers, as well as advertising companies, would be a perfect replacement for Voluum. Let’s start by looking at a few of its highlights. You can keep track of the prices of CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPI advertising. You may create an incredible amount of redirect channels and use Eighteen distinct filters to create redirect policies.

You may track the number of clicks and views for your ads without utilizing redirects or masking them. Customized domains or HTTPS URLs may be used for tracking. There are thorough metrics accessible once it relates to reporting. Over 30 data points are available, including impressions, clicks, as well as conversions.

For any campaigns, reporting is provided, and you may provide traffic, deliver conversions, traffic sources, as well as more. Filters and groups can be applied to reports to help you better grasp the details. You may use multiple rules and filters to restrict and control your information or traffic, then you’ll get records for the whole of the traffic. The information will be retained for a year.

You may change the offers or URLs on your landing pages, or you can tag them to organize them. Your landing pages could also be protected against spam or hackers. The fraud reporting tool from RedTrack is a terrific method to sort out fraudulent clicks which are costing you funds. It will examine the whole of the clicks to determine whether or not you are getting any fraudulent clicks and, if so, precisely where those were originating. You’ll receive thorough fraud data with over 20 distinct metrics to assist you to figure out where your money is going missing.

The user interfaces as well as the reports may be accessed using APIs. When they enter your website, both types of traffic are screened and prohibited. RedTrack, like ThriveTracker, features a FAQ section To get in touch with customer service, fill out a form on their website. Newcomers will receive introductory assistance, and clients that want more assistance will be assigned to an account executive.

A Youtube page with instructional tutorials too is available. RedTrack also features a Telegram group where customers can obtain corporate news, ask for issues, and receive assistance from the customer service team as well as other customers.


A 14-day trial period with RedTrack is available. There are several paid options available. You can log 300,000 activities with the starter subscription, which charges $290 per year or $29 per month. There are only 3 custom domains that you may use.

Three million activities may be tracked with the Pro plan, which charges $790 per year or $79 per month. You may create an infinite number of custom domains and make use of additional capabilities like third-party connections.

The Business plan is $339 per month or $3,390 for the year. Close to 15 million occurrences can be tracked. For clicks that exceed the defined restriction higher-priced programs have lesser rates.

Finally, bigger enterprises might choose a customized package. RedTrack has a cheaper starter plan compared to ThriveTracker: $290 per year against $420 per year (or $29 per month against $39 per month) and 300,000 events against 100,000.

6. Improvely

Improvely is indeed a fantastic tracking package and among the most affordable Voluum options for managing conversions and identifying click theft in any internet ads and promotions.

This is an easy solution for detecting click fraud, affiliate marketing, and split testing landing pages, tracking clicks and conversions.

It is designed for a wide range of users, including freelancers, startups, SMEs, and major organizations. This program is essential for firms and advertisers that want to safeguard their advertising budgets, improve their campaign methods, and increase their revenue.

It helps you operate more productively on one’s own with business staff, even with the customers by streamlining your marketing procedures. It’s a complex application with the new capabilities you need to track and monitor the advertising & distribution campaign results.


  • Conversion tracking – With one platform, one will take account of all clicks, sales, and income. Traffic metrics, customer profiles, funnel reports, and much more are all available through the tracking system.
  • Fraud Detection – As the frequency of click scams increases, you take a loss. Your rivals, on the other hand, will be detected and penalized if you use Improved Click Fraud Detection.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Be a powerful affiliate with insider knowledge of high-paying campaigns, hide your affiliate links, and interface with numerous affiliate networks.
  • White-label services – If you’re an organization, you may offer white-label functions under your brand name to gain clients’ confidence.


Well, various agencies have varied charges They are as follows:

  • $149/month for a small firm
  • $299/month for a large firm
  • $599/month for a large firm 500
  • $899/month for a large organization with a budget of $1 million.


  • It can be accessed from nearly any device.
  • It assists us in determining where we should focus our efforts.
  • It allows me to evaluate the efficacy of different marketing campaigns.
  • The 14-day trial period is also available.
  • In addition, they give funnel statistics.


  • If you manage a large company, the services supplied by upgrades would become too expensive.

7. AdsBridge

Another good alternative for Voluum includes Adsbridge. Its potential to route visitors to various features depending on over 20 criteria is among the benefits. You may, for instance, target various offers depending on the user’s location, age, gadget, and other factors. Split tests may also be created by using various landing pages & offering variations. This makes it possible to find out a variety of offerings and processes at the same time.

Several affiliate deals, particularly CPA ones, limit the number of conversions you may receive rewards for (per day, week, etc.). You may create traffic limitations using AdsBridge because when a period ends, traffic is immediately routed to a new offer. Visitors may also be rerouted if specific criteria are met. You may, for instance, define distinct endpoints for Windows users, smartphone consumers who have installed a specific application, and phone users who still haven’t installed the app.

Bot traffic filtering, split testing, URL link rotation, conversion monitoring, ad and PPC tracking, pixel monitoring, and are all included. You may use URL cloaking to make the tab bar show a unique URL. The auto-optimization function is a good tactic. This tool analyses your ads using artificial intelligence and measures like profits per visit & profits per click. It then optimizes your ads to bring visitors to the most effective links.

You may even create your CPA affiliate network using AdsBridge’s Onelink functionality. You may make deals and let affiliates register for them. A landing page designer is also available to customers. You may use either an HTML code editor or even a drag-and-drop graphical editor. As newcomers are starting up, they can consult the user manual. There’s a comprehensive FAQ page as well as a changelog to stay informed about new features. You may reach their customer service staff by filling the form from their website.


A 14-day trial period is available. This includes 50,000 visits with no further fees. The most affordable package (Professional) is $89 per month. This equates to one million monthly visitors. The $199/month package includes four million monthly visits, while the $379/month policy offers ten million monthly visits. For $499 a month, you’ll receive 15 million visitors, however for $799 per month, you’ll receive 25 million visits.

A unique corporate plan is offered, and if customers pay annually, users will receive a 15% reduction on all plans. Overprice rates are somewhat lower on higher-priced packages. Aside from that, all subscriptions provide limitless custom domains, multi-user accessibility, and a dedicated account executive.

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We hope everyone liked the 7 Best Voluum alternatives for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your advertising campaigns for 2021. Affiliate tracking technologies are game-changers for affiliates, but those that do not utilize them will fail in affiliate marketing. So, if you’d like to advance in your career and then have a successful path then you should consider one of these alternatives. And trying only one alternative may not bring out the benefits you are looking for. That is why we encourage you to try all of these and choose the best one to gain success.

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