Windows App Studio is shutting down this December

Microsoft announced that the company is preparing to shut down Windows App Studio.


Windows App Studio is the online service which helps its users to create Universal Windows Apps without a single line of code. The company has decides to shut it down gradually in next few months. The service will be having its final shut down on 1st of December.

The process will start from 15th July, Windows App Studio will allow only existing users to sign in and no new dynamic collections data sources will be created. On 15th September, the application editor will stop working. The dynamic collections API will stop providing data to existing apps. At last, on 1st December it will completely shut down.

For the existing user of Windows App Studio, Microsoft has something new for you. The company wants users to move or migrate from Windows App Studio to Windows Template Studio. Windows Template Studio is an extension of Visual Studio 2017.

It is similar to Windows App Studio, the Template Studio uses code generation to help users for the creation of Universal Windows Platform apps with a greater ease.

So, do you work with Windows App Studio? Do you find it good move? Comment below and let us know.

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Source: Windows Central

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