Windows 10 RS4 Spring Creators Update is coming, here is all that is new!

Windows 10 RS4 or unofficially declared marketing name for the Windows 10 V1803 is Windows 10 Spring Creators Update has passed through the Windows Insider Fast ring and the slow ring. Now available on the Release Preview, this build is confirmed indirectly to be available for the Public in the coming days. Windows Insider experience the changes one by one but what about the people upgrading from Windows 10 RS3 or Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Talking about the more new features that are being released by Microsoft for this update consists of a lot of things. They are as listed below:

Windows 10 RS4/Windows 10 Spring Creators Update New Features:

Windows Shell

  • The reveal effects are now softer.
  • Acrylic and Reveal effects are seen more across the UI and the UX.
  • Reveal effects can be observed in Start Menu entries, Live Tiles, Calendar flyout on the system tray and the Action Center.
  • The taskbar has the new Acrylic Blur effects.
  • The clear all, expand, collapse and see more text in the Action Center uses the accent color set by you.
  • A 2 finger swipe on the Action Center will clear all the notifications.
  • You can now see your personalized lock screen when selecting the account page.
  • The contact pinned on the taskbar as a part of People will show a list of connected apps instead of the tiles.
  • The clear all button in the Action Center is not rephrased as Clear all notifications.
  • Eye Control can support more functions now.
  • The Xbox gamebar has a new design with Fluent Design elements.
  • Windows Hello can now be setup directly from the login screen.
  • Users running Windows 10 S can login using Microsoft Authenticator app on their phones.
  • Nearby Share option is now available in the default share UI.
  • Right click on the Live tile to directly get inside the App’s Settings.
  • Drag and drop support for contact between the people hub and taskbar is now possible.
  • Drag to rearrange the People pinned on the taskbar is now supported.
  • The taskview button is now modified and is replaced by timeline where you can continue your work from 30 days back in time.
  • Due to the Timeline overhaul, the virtual desktops’ panel has moved towards the topmost area.
  • Quiet Hours is now renamed to Focus Assist.
  • Documents and Pictures are now pinned on Start Menu hamburger by default.


  • Cortana’s abilities to help you Pick up where you left off are now better.
  • The hamburger menu in Cortana is more similar to the one for the Start Menu now.
  • Cortana gets a new design for her Notebook.
  • Cortana’s Lists/Collections apps can now sync across devices.
  • Cortana’s contact will now appear on the Action Center.


  • The new touch keyboard is now full of Fluent Design Elements.
  • Users with a physical keyboard can now turn on the on-screen Autocorrect and Text Suggestion features.
  • The Touch keyboard now supports shape writing.
  • New gestures with pen can be used while using the touch keyboard.
  • Multiple emojis can be inserted now.
  • Emoji panel supports more languages and hence more regions.
  • Font can be changed in the handwriting panel.
  • New emojis can now be observed.

Microsoft Edge

  • New Audio icon can now notify you what tab is causing audio.
  • Ability to save free EPUB ebooks.
  • Ability to fill up forms smartly are now available.
  • More Fluent Design elements like Acrylic and Reveal are now available in the title bar and more areas.
  • New UI for EPUB and PDF Bookmarks, ebook and PDF reader (with dark and light modes).
  • Reading progress sync between devices is now more optimized.
  • Support for Service Workers (PWA) is now available.
  • The Hub gets a new and a better overhaul.
  • The favorites bar is now automatically shown in the start page or the new tab page.
  • Extensions are now able to be used while in InPrivate mode.
  • Users can now vertically dock the Edge DevTools Panel.

Settings App

  •  The home page of the settings app is now redesigned with Reveal and Acrylic Effects.
  • New color wheel available for Ease of Access area.
  •  The Ease of Access area is now more categorized.
  • Sound settings added in the settings app.
  • Disk cleanup now integrated with Storage Sense.
  • Fonts settings integrated into Settings.
  • Limiting the bandwidth for foreground updates is available now.
  • Customizing what data is stored in Timeline.
  • Configure the Startup apps in Settings app now.
  • More customizations for SDR on HDR Monitor like the brightness is now supported.
  • Windows Update progress is now visible i nthe Actino Center.
  • Upto 10 contacts can be pinned in the People hub on the taskbar.
  • Local accounts can now berecovered from the lockscreen.
  • More Control Panle settings are now mograted to the Settings app like Fonts, Display, Sound, etc.
  • Keyboards area is now listed in Settings App.
  • Customization for what apps can send notifications while Focus Assist is on is available.
  • One click pairing for bluetooth devices is now available.
  • A new Privacy page is now available during the device setup.
  • Windows Update will stop the PC from sleep while on AC Power and Updates pending since last 2 hours.

Other Improvements

  • Language packs are now available in the Microsoft Store.
  • HEIF file format is now supported natively with the Photos App.
  • Windows Defender Application Guard gets new performance improvements and ability to download files to the host.

These are all the new features coming with this major update. We didn’t minor fixes and improvements coming but if you want, you can refer the Windows Blogs for more info on that.

Do you think that we missed any feature? Let us know about it in the comments below!

If you wish to get an early access to this update before general release to the public, check out our other article on the same here.

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