Microsoft yesterday released the new Insider Preview Build for the Insiders on Fast Ring.

The build we are talking about is 15025 and it is available for the Insiders, another step moving closer to Creators Update.
Note: If you are working on 32-bit architecture Machine then this build is not for you as it still contains bugs which do not allow you to install this new update. There is no Build for Mobile this time with this new Build for PC.

What’s New:

  • Announcing braille support in Narrator: We
    love getting feedback from our visually-impaired Insiders and
    implementing features to support your needs. It’s so important that we
    keep our diverse customers in mind as we co-create with you.  Today, we
    are excited to announce braille support for Narrator . This experience
    is currently in beta.
  • New mono audio option in Ease of Access settings:
    Visually impaired users use a screen reader application to read the PC
    screen content and information to them, and frequently use headphones or
    earbuds to hear the computer when in meetings or having conversations
    with others. When doing so, they generally use only one earbud to hear
    the PC in one ear so the other ear is free to hear conversations and
    sounds around them. That can cause them to not hear sounds that may be
    directed to the other earbud. In order to change the sound to be mono
    mode and so all audio is directed to both ears, they used to need a
    physical earphone adapter. You can now switch your audio to mono
    straight from the new Audio section under Settings > Ease of Access
    > Other options.
  • Introducing Collections in Feedback Hub: A few
    months ago, we asked you what was one of your biggest pieces of feedback
    about the Feedback Hub. You said, “too many duplicate pieces of
    feedback!”. We love working with you to create a better experience for
    everyone using the Feedback Hub, so today we are so happy to announce
    Collections. Collections are now live in Feedback Hub starting with app
    version 1.1612.10251.0. A Collection groups together feedback for
    similar problems and suggestions into single items that bring together
    all the voices who expressed that sentiment in one place.
  • More night light improvements: The night light
    color temperature range has been extended to go down to very red (1200
    K) and the entire range of the slider now works correctly.

Stay tuned for more.

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Source: Windows Central