Your intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft has become more powerful. CORTANA has got a whole new range of functions to explore for the users.
With the Creators10 Update Cortana now has the power to shut down, lock or restart your computer.
 Cortana can now control sound playback in apps and directly command over the volume of your PC. 
This Intelligent lady can now remember the last music app that was used and open that app by default.
Wow!! isn’t that smart enough. 
Well, now if you think that’s all about the new Cortana then I must say we aren’t done yet,

 Other music related features in Cortana include being able to identify a song when lisening to radio even in other languages.

Helping you use the feature across the room, Cortana will now
show a full-screen optimized UI.
Other new features
include support for the â€śPick up where you left off” feature, which lets
you launch an app on one device and continue onto another. This now also
works for Microsoft Edge tabs and SharePoint documents.

With Cortana truly cross-platform on Windows 10, iOS,
Android, Windows Phone and also a new generation of stand-alone digital
assistants, it may make sense to use the one service which is available
on all your platforms, and give Cortana another visit.

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