According to the latest post by, the internal sign-off process for the RTM(Release to Manufacturing) build of the much-awaited Windows 10 Creator’s Update is expected to happen this week!

They also mentioned that Insiders are likely to get the to-be-released version of the Creator’s Update sometime next week, and if everything runs as expected, the same build will then be rolled out to the public.

Earlier, it was rumored that April 11th was the day when Microsoft will start rolling out the Creator’s Update. However, only yesterday, in one of our own posts, we mentioned that the date is likely to be pre-poned to April 5.

Again, as per the strategy adopted by Microsoft, not everyone will receive the update at the same time. Rather, the update will be rolled out in phases, targeting specific devices in each phase.

PS -> If you are an Insider, you should also be anxious to try out the Redstone 3 build, sometime in late-April.

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