Windows 10 Creators Update may come in April

Windows 10 Creators Update is the next major update for Windows 10 which is said to be coming in “early 2017”. It is the 4th Windows 10 version after 1507, 1511 (November Update) and 1607 (Anniversary Update).

Microsoft announce the Windows 10 Creators Update in the Microsoft Event on October 26, 2016 and said the following:
Coming as a free update early next year to the more than 400 million devices running Windows 10, the Creators Update will bring 3D and mixed reality to everyone, empower every gamer to be a broadcaster, connect people faster to those they care about most, and much more.

Microsoft didn’t specifically say in which month the Creators Update will be released, but they just said “early next year” which means early 2017.

3 days after the event, Nawzil posted on October 29, 2016 in the One Microsoft group on Facebook saying that the Creators Update is coming in April 2017.

Nawzil has been a reliable source when it comes to news about Windows and release dates in the past few years and he is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) now. So we believe he is right about the Creators Update coming in April.

2 months later MSPoweruser exclusively reported on January 2, 2016 that the Windows 10 Creators Update is set to be released on April 2017.
They also say Windows 10 Creators Update will be Version 1704 to match with April 2017 release date, but our sources tell us that the version will still remain to be 1703 even if the update will be released in April. Remember that Anniversary Update is actually version 1607 but it was released on August 2.

Our sources also tell us that the internal target for the RTM of Redstone 2 (Creators Update) is by the end of Q1 2017 and Redstone 3 by the middle of Q4 2017.

Various reports say Windows 10 will be feature-complete by this month, this caused a confusion among Windows Insiders and enthusiasts as the current Insider Preview builds don’t have many new features. The new features are actually not added to the main release branch from which Windows Insiders get Insider Preview builds. That’s why we could discover many new features in the leaked build 14997 from the OneCore_Base branch. There are many internal branches like this in which new features are being developed and tested by Microsoft employees. Those new features will then get added or merged with the rs_prerelease for Windows Insiders to test. In the final stage it will become rs2_release branch and this is what gets released to everyone in April 2017.

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