Windows 10 Cloud users might be able to upgrade to a different SKU

Microsoft recently released an early version of Windows 10 Cloud which leaked last week.

10 Cloud is very similar to Windows RT as it allows users to run apps
only from Windows Store. But, now the good news is if you are a Windows
10 Cloud user then you might be able to upgrade your SKU to a different
SKU such as Windows 10 Home or Pro.

In the latest
leaked version of Windows 10 Cloud, the EditionMatrix.xml file shows
that your Windows 10 Cloud is upgradable to Windows 10 Pro:

seems to be very interesting because if users want to get access to
every feature then they can just upgrade from Cloud to Pro. We are not
quite sure about Home version because Cloud isn’t launched Officially
and moreover an early version is only released. Let us assume that users
may get to upgrade to Home version as it is cheaper than Pro version.

Let us hope that Microsoft will not charge much for it and will keep a good price. Hope that it will get announced soon.
Stay tuned for more on Windows 10 Cloud and don’t forget to comment your views on it.

Source: MS Poweruser

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