Windows 10 build 15063 for PC+Mobile out on the Fast Ring!

Late yesterday, the Chief Ninja Cat of the Windows Insiders team Dona Sarkar pushed the Red Button and released Windows 10 build 15063 for both PC and Mobile for the Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring!

As the RTM of Creators Update is nearing, this build includes just bug fixes which are as follows :
For PC :

  • We fixed a reliability issue from Build 15061 resulting in Microsoft Edge hanging and becoming completely unresponsive.
  • We
    fixed an issue for Insiders where the localized files and registry keys
    associated with any additional language packs on the system would not
    be installed after enabling .NET Framework 3.5.

 For Mobile :

  • We fixed the bug causing a number of inbox apps to fail to
    launch (such as Store) and also preventing any app updates from the
    Store from working. Thank you all for sending us feedback around this.
  • We
    fixed the bug causing background tasks to not run in the background
    like they should such as OneDrive’s camera roll sync feature. Background
    tasks should be working again as expected and your camera roll will
    sync to OneDrive again.
  • We fixed the issue where in some cases
    you may lose your call, text, and email history may be lost if your
    device experiences an unexpected reboot.
  • Speech Packs should download and install normally.
  • We fixed an issue for Insiders with certain cars resulting in connection failures after pairing Bluetooth.
  • We fixed an issue where replacing the default APN for LTE on the phone wouldn’t work.

Being this an Insider preview build, here are the Known Issues as listed by Microsoft :
For PC :

  • The upgrade path from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build
    14393) to this Windows 10 Creators Update build is not yet live and will
    be live tomorrow morning.
  • You will be unable to download new
    (additional) language packs on this build. Currently installed language
    packs will not be impacted. These will go live later this week.
  • If
    your PC fails to install this build on reboot with the error 8024a112,
    reboot manually again. If your PC appears to hang during the reboot,
    power your PC off and back on and the install will proceed.
  • Some
    apps and games may crash due to a misconfiguration of advertising ID
    that happened in a prior build. Specifically, this issue affects new
    user accounts that were created on Build 15031. The misconfiguration can
    continue to persist after upgrading to later builds. The ACL on the
    registry key incorrectly denies access to the user and you can delete
    the following registry key to get out of this state:
  • There
    is a bug where if you need to restart your PC due to a pending update
    like with the latest Surface firmware updates, the restart reminder
    dialog doesn’t pop up. You should check Settings > Update & security > Windows Update to see if a restart is required.
  • [GAMING]
    Certain hardware configurations may cause the broadcast live review
    window in the Game bar to flash Green while you are Broadcasting. This
    does not affect the quality of your broadcast and is only visible to the

For Mobile :

  • Updating from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build
    14393) directly to this build won’t work. There will be an extra hop
    required to get to this build. If you use WDRT to go re-flash your
    device and join the Fast ring, you will not be offered this build and
    instead offered Build 15055. Once you’re on Build 15055, your device
    will find Build 15063 and take the update then.
  • Some
    users are reporting that pages are constantly reloading or refreshing,
    especially while they are in the middle of scrolling them in Microsoft
    Edge. We’re investigating.

That’s all for this build!

Stay tuned to MSLeaks for everything latest related to Microsoft!

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