Why do I still use Windows phone?

It all started with Windows CE in 1996 and came up as PocketPC in 2000 but was later renamed to Windows Mobile OS. It held a lot of Market Share in the US but after iPhone was announced in 2007 and later on with the announcement of Android OS, Microsoft announced to reboot its mobile OS platform with Windows Phone OS with Windows Phone 7!

After this, the first update to Windows Phone 7 as delivered called the Windows Phone 7.5 which carried a number of fixes for the drawbacks of Windows Phone 7. And later, Windows Phone 7.8 was released to bridge up some gap between Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8!
After this, there was a time for a ‘major’ major update and then was the time of Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 was considered a major success because it attracted OEMs, Consumers as well as Developers! It worked great with similarities of Microsoft’s PC strategy with Windows 8.
After this, Windows Phone 8.1 was released that took a step ahead from the previous Windows Phone 8 update. Windows Phone 8.1 was a free update to all the devices running Windows Phone 8.
It included a number of features bringing innovations like Cortana, Smarter integration with OneDrive, and a lots more! It worked perfectly in syncing with Windows 8.1 OS for PC.

Now was the time for the master move! It was time for Windows 10! So, on 30th September 2014 Windows 10 along with Windows Insiders Program was announced. Later on 21st January 2015. Windows 10 Mobile was shown off for the first time by Joe Belfiore at a press conference at the Redmond Headquarters. However, the Th1 version 1507 was not released to Public on all Windows phone devices but some devices from OEMs like Acer were released with Version 1507 but later Th2 with version 1511 was released to the eligible devices of running Windows 10 Mobile in March 2016.

But you know, it carried innovations too! See Continuum for Phones below :

How can we forget Windows Hello for Mobile?
Then came the Rs1 version 1607 for Mobile which brought more stability to the OS.
But the main point of this article is “Why do I still use Windows Phone?” so yes, after this brief history of the platform, here comes the main point!
Well! I am a human and I live in the same society as you do and maybe we share the same questions from our friends when it comes to our phones! Questions like :
    • Why do you use this phone?
    • What are they (live tiles)?
    • Does it run Clash of Clans or Mini Militia?
    • Windows is just good on PC and it sucks on phone! Why do you get an Android or iOS device?
    • Windows? HAHAHAHA!
    • What is this phone? What is Windows Phone? (These are rare but they do exist!)
    • (This one is purely for Indians out there reading this) Does it support Jio SIM and Services?
    • Do they still sell these?
Well, I know they are irritating and you get mad on Microsoft when it comes to the large app gap! Well, you shouldn’t because, the developers need to make apps, not Microsoft! So please psh!

So, here are the top 7 reasons I still love using my Windows phone :

  • Camera :

                        Windows devices are know for one of the best camera phones out there in the world! This is something, every Windows Devices’ owner will strongly agree to. This is one of the features that makes others jealous! The Hardware, Software works seamlessly to give the user, the best of the camera shots and enhances the image so that it looks great even in low lights!





  • Battery Life :

                    The OS is so light, yet powerful that the power loss is also very less when compared to its counterparts! Once fully charged, the phone can be rocked for a whole day very easily even if it a budget phone that makes a good difference. So, whenever you friend’s phone’s battery drains out, you are the once who rescues him with the calls he wants to make. Also, have you ever heard a Windows phone user saying “Sorry the battery drained out?” well that’s not the case! I know haters will have a lot to say on this, talk to me directly on Twitter, I love these kind of arguments! 🙂
  • UWP :

                    Developing apps for Windows is great you know why? Just code for one device for only one time and run it across all the devices running Windows 10! That’s the beauty of the Platform that you target multiple devices which share a common store by writing the code only once!
  • OneDrive :

                   OneDrive is the cloud storage drive service provided by Microsoft. It works seamlessly on all my devices (including Android and iOS). The features like auto enhance, smart uploads, automatic Camera Roll sync with that 5GB of free storage keeps your data safe always!
  • Full Office :

                Microsoft Office is one product that is needed by everyone. Windows phones carry Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote truly integrated into the OS who hates that? Free Office is gives your productivity another level.
  • Cortana :

                 Cortana is world only Personal Digital Assistant. She lives across all my devices! She is on my Primary Lumia, my laptop, my Desktop, even on my Secondary Android phone (which I barely use!). She tracks my Travel, Packages, Health, Reminders and what not? You just can’t hate her!
  • Continuum :

                  This is revolutionary! A phone that works like your PC? Are you insane in doing that? But yes, with the help of UWP, now some phones that support the required hardware can make they phone work like a PC on a bigger screen. This is something that just Windows phones like the Lumia 950/950XL, HP Elite x3, Acer Jade Primo, Alacatel IDOL 4S for Windows, etc.
These are the top reasons why I LOVE my Windows phone, my Lumia! 🙂
Do you have your opinions about this? Make sure to comment them below!
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