WhatsApp for iOS updated with many new features, may soon be coming to other platforms as well!

Though WhatsApp and Messenger both are own by a same parent company, Facebook the company never compromises pushing more and more new features to the apps regularly. Today, WhatsApp for iOS was update with 3 new main features :

Album Creation

Now, the user can send four or more photos at the same time and the app will automatically arrange them in an album view which will be useful in organizing space on the chat screen.

Photo Filters

Now, the native WhatsApp’s Camera module supports adding filters to the photos being sent in a WhatsApp conversation . At the moment, there are only 5 filters but we definitely expect the addition of more filters in the near future.

Replying Shortcut

Now, a users can just swipe right to a message to reply to a particular message in a conversation within the app. This comes really handy while having a group conversation and seems to be a quick nice touch to the App .


These features are expected to roll out soon for other platforms as well and don’t worry, we will keep you posted on that!


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