A useful Snapchat feature most people may haven’t know

Evan Spiegel is the creator of snapchat. This app is famous for self destruction of messages. You shoot a video or picture and upload to the app. Users can tweak the duration up to which their data is alive. After the determined time is over, they self destruct. They don’t store copies of data in snapchat servers.

Users can find their friend’s locations in snapchat. snap map is the name of feature. It uses phone’s gps to accurately track the location. It provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to privacy of an user. We can set the privacy to show location to all users or only to contacts.

Steps to follow to see friend’s locations are as follows:

  • Open Snapchat app.
  • Pinch on the screen right from the corners to the middle of frame to open Snap Map.
  • This will open Snap Map.
  • In this, friend’s locations can be observed.
  • One cannot identify their friend’s location if he/she has tight privacy settings.

Steps to follow for setting privacy on the app are as follows:

  • The first two steps are the same as described above.
  • On the top right corner, settings icon can be observed.
  • People can set privacy in two modes, Ghost mode and Friends.
  • With Ghost mode enabled, no one can see his/her location anymore.
  • In Ghost mode, the user cannot see friend’s location either.
  • If the location is to be shared only with friends, there exists an option to select friends.
  • Only those friends can observe the location and vice versa.


Snapchat is facing heavy competition. Main rivals include Facebook, Instagram and Kik. Its filters are creative and fun to use. According to latest statistics, there are more than 187 million active users. Snapchat Spectacles are trending now as people can record 10 second video and store to snapchat memories.

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