The Ultimate Guide to turn off annoying notifications on Facebook

Facebook usually displays push notifications when your friend posts a photo or a new content from a Facebook page or game requests etc. Sometimes it’ll be pretty annoying if you’re constantly receiving these pushed notifications from the Facebook app about posts that don’t even relate to. And you might be getting notifications about a friend’s post, that doesn’t even relate to you or if you’re not mentioned in the post.

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Usually, in the early morning, you’ll receive gentle reminders about your friends birthdays, that are always welcome. Suppose if you don’t even remember your best friends birthday, they might scold you later on, in this way Facebook’s push notifications is useful. And one more fact is that some people generally remember your birthday by seeing facebook notifications. In these certain situations push notifications very much handy.

But when a random person posts pics, when he attends his college party or function and you’ll be getting notifications. Do you care? No, no absolutely not! This kind of games leaves request notifications and some meaningless notifications are pretty annoying.

One more point to be noted that now a day’s you’ll be constantly receiving “Live Notifications”. It seems people aren’t really fans of all the notifications they get whenever someone they know or some brand they follow posts a live video on Facebook.

How to get rid of these annoying notifications? Dear fellow Facebooker’s, there’s an easy way to set things up so you’re only receiving alerts things actually you care about. Here’s how.

On your Android Device

Would you like to only receive important notifications, such as comments from friends, and skip the stuff various applications send you? Follow these steps for your Facebook App on Android to disable annoying notifications.  

  1. Open facebook app on your android device.
  2. Click on Three Horizontal lines icon at the top right your app screen.
  3. Scroll down till you find Help & settings, here tap on “App settings”
  4. In-app settings, click on “Notifications” and disable notifications that you don’t need. Such as Live videos, Application requests, Photo tags, Wall posts etc.


On Desktop Website

How to turn off these push notifications on the desktop website? Are notifications interrupting you all damn day in the corner of your computer screen? Even when Facebook isn’t open? This means you’ve enabled notifications within whatever browser you’re using. Follow these simple steps to turn off most annoying notifications.


  1. To turn off annoying notifications from apps and games popularly candy crush invites open Facebook settings in a browser window, make sure you log in to your account Facebook.
  2. Click on Notification icon (Globe icon) located at the top-right corner your Facebook profile.This icon will display a list of Facebook notifications you have received.
  3. Under notification, tap on Settings.
  4. In the settings page, you can disable whichever push notification’s you don’t want to receive for the desktop website.


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In notifications page, you can turn off various notifications such as application requests and activity, live video, Friends tags etc. If someone is spamming you continuously with the app invites, just head over to Blocking settings, type the username and tap on block. You’ll no longer receive app request or invites from blocked users.

And if you want to turn off push notifications for particular page or friend, just position your cursor on the right-hand side of that particular notification. The letter three dots will display in that corner of the notification, click on Turn off to block notifications from that particular user.

Hope this article helps you to enhance the overall user experience of Facebook.  If you’re still facing any difficulties do write us in the comment section.

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