Tutorial: How to download and upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update using ISO

We just reported that Microsoft has released Windows 10 Creators Update via Media Creation tool. Although the tool works great for upgrades but it doesn’t give you options like pausing downloads and better download speeds. While you can’t directly get the Windows 10 ISO files if you are already running Windows 10 on your machine, there is a way to download ISO. Head below as we explain how you can directly download Windows 10 Creators Update ISO file.

Step 1: Open this article in Microsoft Edge and Click Here to go to the Windows 10 Creators Update downloads page. Now here you will get an option to download and use the Media Creation tool. Don’t click on it.
Step 2: Press F12 or click the three dots (…) on the top right corner and select F12 Developer Tools. A window will open in the bottom half of the screen.

Step 3: Navigate to Emulation in that Window.
Step 4: Here you will find “User Agent String”. Click that and select “Microsoft Edge- Windows 10 Mobile”. Now let the website load and don’t panic if you see the website squeezed up to the left side.
Step 5: Now click on “Orientation” in the display menu and select “Landscape”. This will make the size readable.

Step 6: Now scroll down to Select edition and select whichever Windows 10 version you want. If you are not sure then Open Settings>System>About and check the Edition of Windows 10 installed on your system.

Note: Make sure that you are downloading the correct version of Windows 10 as installing an incompatible version of Windows 10 might cause problems.
Step 7: Select the right language you want and hit Confirm.

Step 8: Select from either 64-bit or 32-bit Operating System. If you are unsure then you can see the same in About menu in Settings.

Once you have downloaded the ISO then just open it using File Explorer and open Setup file. The installer will begin by checking the compatibility of your system and then will ask you to either clean install deleting everything or just upgrade. We do recommend you to clean install but you can go with upgrading in case you have too many files or you can’t take backup of your data separately.

Note: If it asks for Product Key in step 4 while installing, that means you are using the wrong ISO edition or your current Windows is not activated.

So here you have it folks. This is how you can install Windows 10 Creators Update right now. Do let us know your experience in the comments section.

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