Trekstor-WinPhone-5.0 good value for Money


Along with Wileyfox Windows Phone announced at IFA 2017 last week. Another handset was also announced at the same event however which seems to be much more better value for money.

The phone was Trekstor’s WinPhone 5.0, noticed by, which have a Qualcomm Snapodragon 617 processor which is Continuum capable , has 3 GB of RAM ,15 GB of ROM and a 5 inch 720P IPS screen . The phone will be retailing under 300 Euro.

The look of the phone is some what similar to Lumia 830 , including a glass back, the device certainly looks attractive enough to justify the price. The date of availability  of the phone is not announced yet. If you are interested in the phone then check out their website here.

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