Top Gadgets to power-up your startup

The initial phase of any business is never satisfying unless you have a good comfort-zone to work in. The question is – How to achieve this so-called ‘comfort-zone’?

The answer to this question is easy if you can spare some bucks on this curated list of top gadgets that help you build up your start-up.

1. Private Cloud Storage

Absolutely noteful gadget if your start-up has a team-management project that requires you to travel different places in the world. This gadget intends to save a lot of time if the previous statement is true for you.

It’s pretty light-weight and a portable device that can provide you with any stored information, documents and presentations that you seek anywhere in the world, without an internet connection. In case the security of your files bothers you, just create your own profile on this device instead of integrating the work of your team. Moreover, this gadget does not need a specialisation in IT. Just connect it with your pc using a USB Cable and Abracadabra.

2. Wireless Portable Projectors

What’s the first rule of a business? Be professional.

The name describes the use of the gadget itself. This little tech is the perfect way to look classy and professional to the potential partners and clients while showing your presentations. It is even quicker and helps you convey your ideas in a fruitful manner. Most probably, in future these projectors will be made through 3d printers or 3d pens. One of the most appealing features of this projector is that you don’t have to keep it connected through a cable to any device to view the presentations. Instead, you can insert of MicroSD memory card or use the Bluetooth for that purpose. The average battery life provided by any of these projectors is around an hour and a half with the usual 1GB of built-in memory for data storage. Simple, but dope.

3. Multi-Port – High Speed USB Hub

Gadgets are important, but sockets to charge those gadgets are more important. Running out of charging spots in your office? Look what we have.

A multi-port charging hub that can eliminate your vexatious experiences by serving you with enough charge for all your gadgets. Connect your mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other media devices with a USB cable for each of them. Yes, you will have to carry the charging cables separately for each one of them. This is one prudent and the most valuable tech you can rely on.

A charging hub is seen in many variants with different specifications differing in the power supplied by them, the number of USB ports, and colours. Their prices vary accordingly.

4. Personal Pocket Wi-Fi

That abundance of happiness seen on your face would be considered normal when offered an internet connection. The perfect gadget has been discovered that gives you a pocket Wi-Fi, giving you access to the internet whenever you want and wherever you go. The most recent make, an emerging hotspot device is being offered by Jio, that gives you unlimited access to the net at reasonable rates. The device has to be charged regularly for the daily use. It can be connected to many wireless devices including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, kindle, and other media devices simultaneously.

This long-lasting, water-proof and shock-proof device wouldn’t cost you a mint but will give a huge benefit to your start-up eventually. Every business needs the internet for market research, online conferences using webcams, daily blogging and carrying out other managerial activities which can be fulfilled by 4G LTE roaming anywhere around the globe.

5. Professional document scanner

In the current era of ‘e-commerce’, a lot of paperwork wouldn’t be compatible with the ways required to run a business. A document scanner fills up the gap between paperwork and electronically based work. It scans all your loose invoices, bills, letters and documents, further compiling them into relevant folders on your computer/laptop.

Working 5 times faster than a basic scanner and an all-in-one printer, a professional scanner helps you conserve time, provides greater flexibility and generated impeccable high-resolution results. Fortunately, with the development of tech, we can now find scanners with automatic document feeder that can scan a bundle of pages without any personal attention. Scanners with an in-built Wi-Fi are even better.

Besides these five elevated must-have gadgets, there’s a variety of techs surrounding us that are ever-ready to fetch us the excellence in work that is essential to effectively build up a start-up with minimum time and efforts, although it’s the skills and dedication of the entreprenuer that always lifts a new business idea.

All we need to understand is that tech isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity that brings efficiency to your organisation and assists you in your daily work and makes your life a little more comfortable.

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