Being successful at Clash Royale is the dream of each and every player and we are going to help you materialize your dream. You will learn about certain Clash Royale tips that are not only useful for pro players but also beneficial for the beginners who want to learn how to play Clash Royale like a Pro. These Clash Royale Tricks not only improve the gameplay but also increase the win percentage of the players. Some of the top tips, tricks, and cheats useful for playing Clash Royale are as under:

1. Always Attack in Pairs by Using Spells

The very first and the most important of all Clash Royale Secrets is the use of spells and attacking the opponents in the form of pairs. These spells boost the attacking pairs and increase the chances of winning the battle because the pairs are already charged. And, if the elixir is dropped at the back of the arena; it gives enough time for recharging these and also saves them from the attack of the opponents. Using spells also enables you to stop opponents for a few seconds and weakens them.

2. Always Play it slow

One of the best Clash Royale Pro Tips 2019 is to play the game slowly. Taking time enables you to build your elixir and see the strategies used by the opponents while attacking. Try to dispatch all the initial cards and keep a close look at the remaining cards in your deck. Dispatching early cards and playing Giant will help you take down the tower in a matter of seconds.

3. Prefer Joining a Clan

One of the most important Clash Royale Tips for a beginner is to join a clan after reaching King Level 3. This is because it allows them to request cards from fellow players and remain in the game by levelling up their favourite cards. Similarly, the chances to win gold and King level points increase by donating cards to your fellow players in the clan. Joining clans also enables you to interact with your fellow players and get certain tips and tricks.

4. Learn from Watching Replays of Previous Matches

You can also learn techniques for Clash Royale Cheating by watching the matches between top players. The replays of your own matches can also help you improve the game. Nowadays, watching YouTube videos is common to achieve perfection in the game.

 5. Perform Wise Purchases

Another very useful tip for winning Clash Royale is to make wise purchases. This game allows you to purchase chests and cards. Always prefer buying gems and avoid buying chests because they are nothing but a waste of time. Instead, you can convert gems into coins and purchase cards of your own choice.

6. Bring Perfection in your Game by Playing with Trainers

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You can also increase your chances of winning by bringing perfection in your game. This can easily be done by playing with trainers. You can select this option in the game deck in the Cards tab menu. Playing with trainers saves you from losing confidence because your defeat is certain while playing against pro players.

7. Gain Mastery in Elixir Trading

Most of the players use Clash Royale Cheats to defeat the opponents which is not a good technique. Most of the top players are successful because they know how to enter cheat codes in clash of clans. Always show a sportsman spirit and avoid playing cheats. Instead, try to learn effective elixir trading techniques. Always keep in mind that powerful but low-cost units are better than expensive projectiles. This is because powerful low-cost units have the ability to annihilate the weaker swarms.

8. Build Balanced Clash Royale Deck

Building a balanced playing deck is perhaps the most important factor to increase the winning percentage of a game player. There should be no fragile fighters in your deck. Instead, prefer buying those card combinations that can give you a lead. This is because a balanced unit will counter attacks more effectively. Skeletons, Knight, Goblins, Archer, Princess, and Giant are some of the top cards that can help you fight powerful opponents more effectively.

9. Keep Audio on and Check Card Stats Frequently

Although the sound effects of the Clash Royale are not good, yet always prefer playing with audio one to avail all the audio cues. The experts even go beyond this and advise to check stats of your cards frequently because this gives you a picture of the damages that you can do to the enemy. Holding onto the card while rotation gives you the card stats.

10. Don’t Hesitate to Sacrifice Tower when All is Lost

Last but not least, sacrificing tower when all is lost is also a good strategy to keep your game alive. This is because you can send your units to other pathways. This saves you from losing the game one-nil and it continues until your King’s tower comes under threat.

Unleash the Power of Private Servers

Private Servers. They are big, they are powerful and they are ubiquitous, almost all server-based games make use of them to unlock features. MiroClash, Clash of Lights and Clash of Magic are a few Clash of Clans private servers which are widely used by COC enthusiasts. Similar to these servers we have Master Royale, Nulls Roayle, xRoayle in Cash Royale where they allow you to access unlimited gems, gold, elixir and unlocked cards. These servers make it easy for the novice player to climb the ladders real quick.