The Internet is a convenient way in connecting with the world. Whether it may be through Social Media or some other things. At the same time, it can also be a very dangerous place. We should be careful or else we might be scammed. There are a lot of fake websites on the internet which can scam you and steal your cash, identity or worse. Below are a few ways by which you can be safe from a fake website.

Tips & Tricks To Spot A Fake Website From A Real One

spot a fake website

1. Checking the URL

The simplest way to check if it’s a fake website or not is my checking it’s URL. Fake websites URL might look authentic but it is not as same as the original. Basically, something or the other will be missing like the here ‘e’ is missing. This should make it obvious that it’s a fake website.

2. Making sure it has HTTPS

Let it be social media, shopping or even banking all the sites will be secured under the https protocol. In https:// ‘s’ is considered as safe and you might want to reconsider while you use your credit/debit card. If the website which has the only HTTP:// then likely it’s a fake website.

3. Trusting your Web browser

Always use a trusted Web browser like chrome, safari, edge, Firefox, Opera. These web browsers will have a built-in feature that will inform you when you visit a fake website. And now most of the antivirus will have web browser extension. Which will display a trust score next to the website URLs? By that, you’ll. Know which is a trustworthy website.

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4. Read the information before interacting

If you are planning to buy anything from a trusted Website or if it’s famous worldwide then it’s fine. If you are planning to buy anything from a new website then read through the product description. Check through it’s ‘Contact Us’ page or if the start English is bad and that’s the first sign that it might be a fake website. Just manually check the company names and if there’s any legit website then it will be shown in the top 10.

5. Check for advertising

If there are a lot of popups or ads there is a high chance of that being a fake website. The legit website won’t chase off their users with some unnecessary ads. Or even provide horrible experience with unnecessary popups. The fake websites ignore that because they want to sell you ads and scam people