Tesla all set to provide solar electricity to 50,000 homes in South Australia

Tesla has acquired a contract with South Australia to provide solar power systems to 50,000 homes. The system consists of solar panels and Power wall batteries. Solar panels are arranged above homes and they generate electricity during daylight. They power home and at the same time charge the power wall batteries. During less daylight and nights, the power to home appliances will be provided by batteries.

In the first wave of the plan, 24,000 government-owned units will be powered by solar power. After this phase, 50,000 houses will be provided with solar systems in the next 4 years. CEO of Tesla is Elon Musk.

Tesla all set to provide solar electricity to 50,000 homes in South Australia

Elon Musk is termed as real-life Iron Man. Paypal, Tesla, Space X, Solar city, The Boring Company are all under Elon. He is a visionary billionaire. All his products are revolutionary.


  • Paypal: You can pay, send & receive money and used for shopping. Paypal broke the barrier and people of different states are able to send and receive money to their families, friends etc. It is secure.
  • Tesla: We know about pollution. Pollution is the main reason for heating up of the earth surface. Some portion of it is caused by vehicle emissions. Tesla cars are pure electric cars that run on batteries. They are charged with power outlets.
  • Space X: Mission of Space X is to send people to MARS. They promise that by 2025, Space X will send people to MARS. Elon Musk’s main goal is to make humans, a multi-planetary species.
  • Solar City: Natural resources are burned out to generate electricity for powering cities. Solar City aims at powering homes purely with solar power.
  • The Boring Company: Main reason for traffic congestion is overpopulation. They plan to arrange tunnels underground so that people will travel much faster beneath the surface of the earth. Traffic time is cut down to 90%.

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