Google Utilizes GoPros to create more Realistic VR Content

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most competitive sectors today. Hence, many companies like Oculus and HTC are working to create advanced VR headsets everywhere. On that note, Google has now put forward a new method, using GoPros to create more Realistic VR Content. Rigs, such as the Google Jump VR and VR 180 … Read more

What to expect from today’s Google Pixel 2 event!

Google is hosting a mega hardware event today and is expected to launch a variety of hardware products today. There have been leaks where we are seeing a variety of hardware scheduled to be released today and we are here to sum them all together here.

Google Home Mini

Google Home was announced last year and it is still playing a very important role in Google’s Home Automation and Smart Home services portfolio. With the power of Google Assistant built in, it can help you control the lights or any other smart home accessories. Also, you can get any information you want with just a voice command, “Okay Google!”.

Google Home MiniAs we can see in the leaked image above, we can see a miniature version of the same product and with those 4 magnetic points, we expect it to act as a wireless charger or a hub for other devices too. It is rumored to be priced at around $49 which will be far more affordable than the initial product that was around $130.

Google Pixelbook

Microsoft just expressed its interest in the education sector with the introduction of Surface Laptop which is a direct competition to the Chromebooks that currently rule the education sector. Hence, we expect them to introduce a new iteration of the Chromebook but under Pixel Branding and is rumored to be called Google Pixelbook.

Competing directly with Microsoft’s Surface Devices and Apple’s MacBook devices, it will be a high-end convertible that will come with a touchscreen and a stylus. This device will be able to work as a laptop as well as a tablet device which would be really handy and following the current trends of the market. It is rumored to cost between $1,199 and $1,749 which is really expensive but we can’t wait to see what Google is bringing to us with the Pixelbook.

Google DayDream View

Google announced their first versions of DayDream last year and is yet again ready to release the next version of the same. They are rumored to be released in new colors like charcoal, fog, and coral.

It is worth noting that the first DayDream VR doesn’t support a lot of phones and was priced at about $70 and the new better VR headsets are rumored to be priced around $99 which is $20 more money what God knows what. Let’s see what Google talks about them today.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2

The most awaited announcement of the event is the new Pixel Phones: Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2.

As expected, the flagship duo is expected to make an appearance today. The XL 2 will have smaller bezels and a display of 18:9 Aspect Ratio with a 6 Inch Display while the smaller pixel will be a 16:9 Aspect Ratio display with a 5 Inch Display. The XL will have a QHD+ Display and the smaller one will have a FHD Display.

The phones will be rocking a Snapdragon 835 most likely with 4GB RAM and 64GB-128GB Storage options. Android Oreo will be there OOB to keep you up to date. The phones will be priced at about $649/$749 (Pixel 2) and $849/$949 (Pixel 2 XL) and will most probably start being available for the customers by 19th October 2017 and 15th November 2017 respectively.

Where to watch?

As always, Google will be live streaming the event.

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