Google maybe bringing iPhone X like gesture navigation with Android P

Android 9.0 P List of all New Features 2

Remember how we used to navigate through apps when Android first came to the market? Just compare your first Android device (commonly Android Gingerbread) and your current Android version. The way we navigate is continuously changing as well as becoming handier. From physical buttons to capacitive touch-sensitive keys. Now, we navigate through virtual on-screen keys. … Read more

Google Teams Up with Flipkart to Launch Google Home in India

Google has stirred up a buzz among the people in India, ever since its tweet broke the internet last week. The company confirmed that they would launch the Google Home soon, with the tweet “Get ready to #MakeGoogleDoIt, at home too. Coming soon.” along with the images of Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers. … Read more

First appearance of Pixel 3 in AOSP before any Official mentioning


Recently there has been an official mention of another Google Pixel successor. Yes, you might be thinking that how is it so. It is true that there won’t be any Google smart phone announcement for next 5-6 months. However, may be accidently but there is an official mentioning of upcoming Google smart phone. XDA-Developers reoprted … Read more

Google Home and Home Mini now coming to India this month

Google is now ready to officially launch its Home and Home Mini Voice Assistant Devices in India. Reportedly, this news was the part of communication by Redington India with its retail partners.   Since the support for Hindi rolled out couple of months back for Google Assistant. This news is happening one for the Indians … Read more

Google Utilizes GoPros to create more Realistic VR Content

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most competitive sectors today. Hence, many companies like Oculus and HTC are working to create advanced VR headsets everywhere. On that note, Google has now put forward a new method, using GoPros to create more Realistic VR Content. Rigs, such as the Google Jump VR and VR 180 … Read more

Google open sourced AI technology used in Pixel 2’s portrait mode.

Google AI

Google’s Pixel 2 has one of the best cameras among its competitors. These days, smartphones come with dual cameras. Portrait mode is achieved with these dual cameras. In this mode, one object like person, flower, bird etc will be visible and background gets blurred to create the shallow depth of field. While Brands like Samsung, … Read more

Smartwatches Users Surprised to see the New “ Wear OS ” Label

It looks like Google intends to embrace the label “ Wear OS ” for the Android Smartwatch platform. The trend seems to be followed starting from the latest 12.5 beta version for Play Services. This reminds us of the re-brand adopted by Google when it changed the Android Play to Google Play. The tech giant … Read more

Telefónica, a Spanish phone service introduces Aura. Soon will work with Cortana

The Spanish phone service Telefónica yesterday introduced “Aura” at MWC (Mobile World Congress). Aura is an Intelligence-Powered Digital Assisstant. Reportedly, they are planning to work with Cortana. It is even promised to enhance the way customers interact with Telefónica and manage their digital life with the company. At first, Aura will be released in Argentina, … Read more

Google announces Android Enterprise Recommended program to certify phones for business use

Google launches Android Enterprise Recommended program to certify smartphones for business use

Android, Google’s Mobile operating system is most popular Mobile OS in the world, But when it comes to regular security update and long-term software updates, it doesn’t have a particularly excellent track record. Apart from Google’s own pixel and nexus series and few Motorola and HMD Global phones, other OEMs rarely roll out the latest Android OTAs after 12 … Read more

Google plans to launch stories format in Google search

IT giant, Google is soon bringing a developer preview of something which is being called as “AMP Stories”. This two words only make sense to those who are obsessive about what’s happening with the way we consume content on our phones. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore this article, it is related to everyone who … Read more