Stats : March 2017 Windows 10 OS Share by AdDuplex

In our last post we mentioned about the use of AdDuplex  in UWP. Now we are back with prominent figures on the usage of AdDuplex for Windows devices.

There is an remarkable increase in the number of  users of Windows 10 PC’s.That’s an far-fetched uptake for Microsoft’s OS- one that was likely
helped along by Windows 10’s aggressive update procedures. The Creator’s update makes an appearance as well, taking up just under 1% usage share.
AdDuplex a helpfully breaks down OEM popularity by country. Microsoft –
which offers exclusively premium PCs – is only in the top 10 in the
usual suspects with countries like the UK, US, and Germany.
The top 10 PC makers in terms of hardware used are HP and DELL leading the chart and others such as Lenovo, Microsoft are making manifestations.
As far as Microsoft’s Surfaces is concerned we get to see an uplift of
Microsft’s PCs in the US. As we saw last time, the Surface Pro 3 and 4
make up a majority of the Surfaces in use at over 60% combined, with the
Pro 3 being used by 27% of Surface users and the Pro 4 being used by
The Surface Studio comes in last at 0.3% owing to its
prohibitive pricing and limited availability – as well as a limited
audience.The Surface Book falls just between the Surface Pro
2 and the original Surface Pro at just 7.5%.
Regardless, the
most important thing in today;s AdDuplex’s release is the Windows 10 OS
share. On the onset of  the  Creators Update release, it  is going to be quit interesting   to see how Microsoft’s upgrade path works with Windows 10 with further updates.

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