DNS Server not responding is a common type of error faced by many people on regular basis. There are varieties of reasons causing this error. The main problem indicated with this error is that internet won’t work. Whether it’s your browser or mobile phones (using WIFI), internet simply won’t connect and shows DNS server is not responding. One of the common ways to deal with this problem is running Windows Network Diagnostics.

Steps solve DNS Server not responding Errors:

DNS Server

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Click on Windows Network and Sharing Center.
  • Under Change Network Settings, Click on troubleshoot problems.
  • Under Network tab, Click on Internet Connections.
  • A New window appears, click next.
  • Click on Troubleshoot my connection to the Internet.
  • Wait for few minutes and the test will notify you if any problems are found.

Sometimes the fault exists from internet providers. They run into problems due to weather conditions, overload which results in users not getting Internet. Sometimes it will be due to TCP/IP and DHCP failures for which restarting your system solves the problem. Your modem or Router might be damaged. So before calling and notifying Internet provider, be sure to cross check all the above methods.

Antivirus may also be one of the reasons for DNS server not responding errors. We all know more chances of the computer getting infected is through the Internet. Generally, people click on flashing links. Those are generally ads and few of them may consist of virus files. So if antivirus finds out that your system is infected, it stops the internet connection. This is a precautionary measure to avoid further virus infections. Try disabling your antivirus and check for internet connection. If internet works, find out the virus files and remove them to enjoy the un-interrupted Internet.

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Well if you are in hurry and want a quick fix, call the customer care and notify the problem. They will give clarity whether the problem is on their side or on your side (for which employees come and fixes the problem).