Smart Consumer Mobile App by GS1


  •    Smart Consumer Mobile App Report states 2.5 times increase in the total number
    of scans in March.
  • The highest number of monthly scans belong to the food category

    In the current scenario when the world is hit by these challenging times, the concern related to
    consumption, food safety has become of prime importance to all.


The Smart Consumer App by GS1 India is helping consumers obtain reliable product information with
a simple barcode scan. With this, consumers can easily access complete product information, such as
product’s shelf life, image, MRP, ingredients, FSSAI/other license validity, etc., which are directly
uploaded by manufacturers, hence bringing transparency and reliability to what is being purchased
and consumed.

The app also comes handy in case the information on the product label is too small to read, illegible
or insufficient, causing hindrance in making right purchase decisions.

‘Smart Consumer app’ also enables consumers to share feedback on products, directly with their

As per the Smart Consumer mobile app report, the total number of scans on the ‘Smart Consumer
App’ in the month of March rose sharply by 2.5 times, as compared to the last few months. It
further implies that consumers are becoming more conscious of what they consume. The highest
number of scans, above 74k, are of products falling under the food category, followed by personal
care (30k) and household items (25k).

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