Samsung is moving very fast in the VR Race. First it introduced the world to Gear VR which delivered Virtual Reality experiences with the help of a mobile phone and then the HMD Odyssey that works with a Windows 10 Machine with required hardware and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and up. 

Now, according to a presentation at Samsung Developer Conference, Tasting Kim, VP of Samsung Electronics revealed that the upcoming VR Headset from Samsung will have  inside-out tracking. This headset with offer 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) which is twice more than the existing headsets by Samsung.


This means that there will be more accurate room-scale tracking and a better experience. Also, with an intuitive UI, they are aiming to reduce motion sickness.

You can watch the presentation here :

 With this new upgrades to it VR lineup, Samsung is already late to the inside-out tracking headset party because Oculus Go by Facebook and Vive Focus by HTC already support it. Do you think that Samsung’s upcoming VR headset could make use of Windows 10’s Mixed Reality compatibilities built-in? Let us know you opinions in the comments below!



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