Samsung to build its very own 1,000 fps camera

Sony is one of those company who have brought lot of new things in the world of Smartphones. One of which was   a mobile camera with on-chip memory which can be seen at its Xperia XZ Premium and XZs (later XZ1 too). Now news are coming that similar type of camera is being build by Samsung and is coming in November. Which is going to be used in  next-generation Galaxy S phone.

Now the question is what does an on-chip memory means –  The advantage of on-chip memory is that the camera can store many frames very fast-enough to shoot 1,000fps or so for slow motion videos. Streaming those to the main RAM will be too slow, so Sony built a three layer chip – pixels, control logic and memory.

But this is not the case how Samsung is working on it . Samsung is  using a different design . Samsung is using its traditional two layer chip to which a DRAM chip is bonded. Which will avoid infringing certain patents.

 Samsung 1000fps camera

Samsung makes it image sensors and memory chips by itself where as sony has to  rely on Micron for the 1 gigabit memory chip.  For now  Samsung uses a combination of Sony and Samsung made sensors on its phones . The S9 could use all-Samsung sensors if this pans out.

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