[Rumor] Call Of Duty:WWII possible release date, according to poster leak!

After the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Activision and Sledgehammer Games had high hopes for the franchise. However, the huge storm of negative reviews and widespread criticism, and the players’ longing for a more ‘to the roots’ story line, the developers had to act fast. COD:IW had proved to be a fun but monotonous shooter, with not much to distinguish itself from elements of COD: Black Ops 3.

Much to the joy of the COD fanbase, the developers now plan to return the franchise to its former glory, through a new segment, Call Of Duty : WWII. The release date and official artwork is still unconfirmed, but owing to the bunch of previously leaked promo material, legitimacy might exist to some extent.

A recent leak of the alleged promotional poster for the game has sparked up new rumors. The poster was possibly first spotted by a YouTuber, and then was posted to a subreddit.

According to the leaked image, the release date is possibly the 3rd on November this year. As COD games are mostly released around November, the release date might be true after all. 
It also specifies that Playstation exclusive maps and DLCs would be released to PS4, similar to when COD: IW was released. It seems as if the developers’ statement of getting Call of Duty ‘back to its roots’ is true after all. Now only E3 2017 can unveil the credibilty of the rumors!
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