RS5 build of Windows 10 now comes with Cloud Clipboard feature

Ever wonder where the data stores when you copy text? Cut or Copy feature requires the data to be stored in certain memory which will be accessed to paste in other folders. Clipboard is a short-term memory which stores the data when you cut or copy text in the computer.

Microsoft is working on a feature where you could copy in one device and paste in another device like copy in a phone and paste it in Computers/Laptops. This feature is termed as Cloud Clipboard. We can find this setting in RS5 build of Windows.

Available options:

Two options are available in Cloud Clipboard settings and those are as follows.

Automatically share content
Manually share content
If you enable the first option, the data you copied will be synced automatically between devices. If you enable the manually share content option, sharing of data will be manually operated between devices.

Computer has this feature and settings are available but you may get a doubt on how connection is established in smart phones? A simple answer would be to use Microsoft apps like Microsoft Launcher and Swift key to deliver data to both Android and IOS devices.

Windows 10 RS5 build is the only version that comes with cloud clipboard feature. Later on, it will be updated on all versions of Windows 10. People might be curious to know the location of clipboard in windows XP and 7. So, here are the various methods to see the clipboard folder in your windows.

In XP:

Open My Computer.
Open C-Drive.
Double click on the windows folder.
Double click on System 32 folder.
Locate the file named clipbrd or clipbrd.exe.
To see the content of clipboard, simply double click the icon which opens clipboard viewer.

In Windows 7:

Unlike Windows XP, the file is not found in System 32 folder of Windows. You have to take clipbrd.exe file from XP and paste in Windows 7’s System 32 folder. Now either you can double-click to open Clipboard viewer or type clipbrd in start menu and hit Enter to open.

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