Yesterday, Microsoft started the Windows 10 Creators Update roll out to all Windows 10 PCs running version 1607 or earlier. One of the main reasons to upgrade to Creators Update has been the updates to Microsoft’s very own brand new browser named : Microsoft Edge .

Starting with the version number, version 15.15063.0 is being shipped with the Creators Update.

Edge carries many noticeable changes and enhancements as compare to Anniversary Update. Some of them are :

Tab Management :

A boon for the heavy web surfers. These two buttons on the upper left corner of the screen allows the user to group along a bunch of tabs for further reference and kill the chaos created by important tabs kept open.

Here it is in action for your comfort :

Also, if you have identical tabs open, if might be confusing just to differentiate by looking at the ancient ting tab favicons but this has been improved too, see this in action because actions speak louder than words!

A Hub for Readers

Microsoft Edge is now enhanced to be the first choice of love for the avid readers. Now you can find and read ebooks right from the browser from the Hub :

Ebooks can be found and purchased from the Windows Store. Note : This is only available in the United States region .

More Efficient, Less Hungry
Battery Improvements :

Now Microsoft Edge beats Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and saves most battery . Check out the official video below for statistics :

More Responsive :

Now, the webpages load faster, runs smoothly and responds to inputs more fluidly . Comparing Edge 14 with Edge 15 here is the demo :

Well, this shows the Speedometer test comparing all the versions of Microsoft and the graph speaks :

More Secured than ever :

This update contains two main security updates that protects the users from two types of cyber attacks. As a statement from Microsoft :

First, we’ve introduced a series of mitigations to prevent arbitrary native code execution: Code Integrity Guard and Arbitrary Code Guard. These mitigations make it much more difficult to load harmful code into memory, making it less likely and less economical for attackers to be successful in building a compete exploit. You can read more about this work in Mitigating arbitrary native code execution in Microsoft Edge.
Second, we’ve dramatically improved the resiliency of the Microsoft Edge sandbox. Microsoft Edge has always been sandboxed in a series of app containers on Windows 10 – in the Creators Update, we’ve tuned these app containers by reducing the access scope to only the capabilities that are directly necessary for Microsoft Edge to work properly. This work dramatically reduces Microsoft Edge’s attack surface area (including a 90% reduction in access to WinRT and DCOM APIs), and when combined with the exploit mitigations that apply to Microsoft Edge and its brokers, increases the difficult of exploiting any remaining vulnerabilities. You can read more about this work in Strengthening the Microsoft Edge Sandbox.

Other Modern Web Improvements :

    • Web payments with Payment Request API
  • CSS Custom Properties
  • Brotoli
  • And MORE!
Head over to this page for the full source coverage by Microsoft.
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