Phones Emitting the Most Radiation

Nowadays almost 90% of the people use a smartphone and it will be within their arm’s reach 24×7. It will be in their pocket when they work, and they will be using it while going. And also coming back from work. But only when they are sleeping they keep it on a bedside table.

Phones Emitting the Most Radiation

With this amount of usage people can’t actually neglect the fact that they are taking the risk of damaging themselves in the long run. Most of you might not know this but cellphones emit radiations. And during calls, the radiation level is high compared to when you’re normally using your phone.

People just forget the fact that phones emit radio waves which is harmful to living beings. Lots of studies and research are being conducted to properly understand it. However, it will affect humans and what are the measures that can be taken in order to prevent it. The radiation level differs from an adult to a baby due to various reasons.

As per German Federal Office

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection is testing the amount of radiation transmitted by phones. Whereas they are conducting this test on all sorts of old and new phones. Currently, OnePlus is a Chinese based company and apparently it’s 5T is the phone that emits the highest level of radiation.

In fact, most of the Chinese based companies like Huawei, OnePlus, and ZTE dominates the top of the list for emitting the highest level of radiation. Also the premium phones such as the Apple iPhone 7. Not only this but also the recently released iPhone 8 was also under this category.

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Anyways till now, there is no such universal guideline which is considered as ‘safe’ for radiation. But the German certification for environment friendliness ‘Der Blaue Engel’ which means Blue Angel. It only certifies those phones which has a specific absorption rate of fewer than 0.60 watts of radiation per kilogram.

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