Windows as a Service (WaaS)

The release of Windows 10 marked upon a major milestone in the history of Microsoft. Windows went from being a product to a service. Service means as on the Internet : a system supplying a public need . So, now Windows 10 won’t be a complete project anytime rather it will be updated frequently . … Read more

Rumors claim that Microsoft Skipped ‘Windows 9′ Name Because Of Legacy Code Compatibility Issues

Two days back Microsoft launched the next version of Windows OS and it shocked the tech world by revealing Windows 10 skipping the number 9. Will surfing the web today I found the possible reason for doing so. That was the Legacy Codes issue. According to latest reports, Microsoft decided to go with Windows 10 branding … Read more

Developers now no longer need to pay every year to keep apps in the Store [Updated]

Here is something that will make every single developer party out. Microsoft has just made some changes in the Dev Center which removes the annual subscription method which means that now developers don’t need to pay every year to keep their apps in the Windows Store. We don’t exactly know why Microsoft took this step … Read more

Tutorial: Set Lumia Phones to 3G Only Mode

If you are living in interior areas then you must have noticed that your Lumia device automatically switches to 2G network even if you have selected 3G in Mobile Operator settings. Before the Amber Update, their was a hidden setting named “Field Test” that allowed users to force 3G on their device. But in Amber … Read more