Opteo vs optmyzr: Which one is better?

Opteo vs optmyzr


We all know the importance of driving traffic to the website, and earning revenues by working on effective search engine optimization strategies. However, what we are not informed about is the way these things come into play.

Opteo vs optmyzr, Which one is better

One of the rising and undoubtedly the most popular services that is believed to escalate the traffic to your website, includes advertisement management tools. Google Ads management tools are believed to be the most significant of all the tools available so far. While numerous tools have embarked their position to be the finest of all, we have two of the most controversial tools of all the times that have gained increased popularity since their inception.

The debate, whether Opteo is better or Optmyzr, has still not seen an end in the eyes of many. In consideration of this fact, we have brought to you a noteworthy comparison of both of these tools that would aid you in speeding up the rate of traffic received by your website through advertisement management systems.

What are Google Ads management tools?

From the past few years, our world has been shunned from going out, thereby making everything digitally possible. Humans can be seen toggling on their phone or laptops daily for hours. Therefore, one of the most suitable ways of reaching out to millions of people is by the way of web posting.

Putting up advertisements, or marketing something digitally is one of the most favoured ways of promoting a brand, product, company, or website, amongst the masses in a small amount of time. This has been easier lately, owing to unprecedented circumstances.

However, framing ads are not as easy as they may sound. A lot of processes go into making an ad successful. This is one of the factors that has motivated the rivalry between varying ad management tools. Google, being the most used search engine, takes the responsibility of taking this legacy forward.

Apparently, it has come up with a host of different advertising campaigns, services, and management tools that would encourage freelancers or business owners to promote and sell their products at a targeted audience, thereby increasing the website traffic.

It is a platform that can be used for direct sales purposes to increase the revenue. The platform allows us to plan out our advertising budget carefully, sorting out the relevant ideas of managing ads, and finally creating a customized experience to promote your business. One can choose to control and support advertisement exchanges and networks simultaneously.

However, everything comes at a price. While some tools help you frame a relevant google ad for free, others charge for doing so. As expected, free tools are limited in their scope and features and should only be used if there are budget limitations or the business needs are relatively smaller. In contrast, paid tools come with free trials that let you experience maximum benefits and features for a limited time, followed by subscription plans. Every tool has different pricing plans depending on the features they dispense and campaigns they help promote.

Before we start answering the invaluable question of what is better amongst Opteo and Optmyzr, let us start by having a brief look at what these two tools actually entail, with the features, advantages, and disadvantages, of each.

About Opteo

A Pay per click tool that has been in limelight since its inception in the year 2013, Opteo is a Google Ads management tool (Google AdWords account) that today, can not go unnoticed by anyone. It has been packed with services that would make it an easy to use application for audiences of every width.



One of the most appealing features of Opteo stands out to be its well built interface. Packed with unique features, this intuitive interface allows flexibility to its users in order to switch between different accounts and features.

The interface revolves around three primary sections including improvements sections, performance section, and finally, manage section. These sections perform in alignment with their names and engage in giving the user an eye pleasing result.

Easy optimization

Opyeo presents a feature that allows its customers to optimize edits with only one click. That is, it saves us from hours of hard labour, and time. Your ad campaigning efficiency is totally dependent on the click of your fingertip. As and when you make keyword or bidding decisions, the Opteo software drops relevant suggestions which are in your control to accept or reject.

The suggestions and recommendations presented are aimed at enlightening the power of your advertising campaign, thereby encouraging the driven traffic rate.

Ad Analysis

How are your advertisements doing in the digital world? Are there any tools that help you get an insight to it? If yes, then where are they and if no, then how can you assess your progress? With Opteo, you can get regular and in depth analysis of your advertising campaigns. It is helpful for a website to know if their hard work is bowing seeds or not, because that is when preventative measures would be most effective.


Theory can lie, but data doesn’t. It gives accurate and inch perfect measures for what you desire to know. Based on how you have been performing using Opteo for so long, it presents you with improvements that are calculated on the basis of data collected from your advertisement.

Your performance targets can thus be made more precise, and your conversion data, stronger.

Task Prioritization

Opteo has a feature that goes by the name of task prioritization. We can understand it as a tool that acts as a planner for all of our long term needs and requirements. Before beginning with your work, you can sort out your blueprint and list all the tasks in an organised order.

It helps you ensure that you are not leaving behind any of your planned events.

Monitoring Performance

When you are working too much on a specific project, chances are that you can miss out on some things otherwise. However, Opteo spots those things that are not easily noticeable and provides you with all the performance summary in a combined metric for the purpose of convenient assessment.

Controlling Budget

Controlling the budget and managing multiple accounts is not difficult with Opteo anymore . Now you can easily organise, drill, and review as many accounts and budget systems as you wish to. In addition to reviewing bids and budgets, account related information including ad groups, keywords, components, etc can also be managed in a unified presentation.

High scope of understanding

One might not be very skilled in knowing what certain units and numbers represent. It is not a big deal, many people lack proper understanding of the metrics presented to them, making it difficult for them to evaluate their account performance.

Opteo promotes a higher level of understanding amongst all its clients in making them gain insight of what certain jargons and numbers mean and represent. This is done with the implementation of scorecards which gives a detailed picture of the account performance, and allows the user to make audits as and when required.


Opteo integrates with Slack and Google AdWords to get alerts and suggestions delivered to you from the comfort of your inbox. With a community being present on Slack, you stay in touch with important alerts and modifications as and when they happen. Further, you can also post your doubts and queries, to be answered by any member in a short span of time.


  • Opteo has a variety of over 40 different optimizations to choose from. Different business needs can cater their needs by surfing through these optimization plans.
  • An easy to use application for both beginners and professionals. One reason is its well built user interface. It is easy to navigate and switch between different accounts.
  • It is claimed that the recommendations presented by Opteo are more powerful and precise than any other google ads management tool, and rightfully so.
  • For someone, whose budget is restricted and is looking for a pocket friendly option, then Opteo is definitely the right requirement for your needs.
  • It is a time saver for all the busy clients out there. It gets your job done without you being present.


  • As compared to its counterparts, Opteo is back in the race of dispensing appropriate features to its users. It provides scope for adding more basic and professional features.
  • Tracking quality score and  reporting is not available in the application. It makes it difficult for users to know the rankings.
  • Overall software efficiency is extraordinary, but can be improved more with the introduction of suitable improvements to the analysis tool presented by Opteo.
  • The search engine, Bing, which is in use by a large number of people worldwide is not supported by opteo. This has an effect on the choice of people selecting Opteo. Bing is supported by almost every ad management tool, and this will have an impact on the sales of Opteo.

About Optmyzr

Another PPC application instituted in 2013 that has gained popularity is Optmyzr. It has been working with companies to help speed up their campaign optimization process by making use of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon Ads.

Optmyzr has its own set of features, merits, and demerits that nobody wants to miss.


Optmyzr is known to be filled with abundant features and showering efficacy in each one of them. Some of its best picks are:

Date Range

While most other tools and applications provide you the opportunity of adding date ranges only once or twice in your report, Optmyzr comes with multiple options to arrange date ranges in your report, without compromising on the efficiency of the report.


Optmyzr acts to provide not only campaign reporting, but also account and label level reporting. In other words, if you wish to report on a label, then you can conveniently do that without any ado. In addition you can have the feature to report all of these three levels in the same report. This makes Optmyzr stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Easy Navigation

Have you ever wished to navigate between different report sections, while creating a report in the report designer? Optmyzr provides you with an exact feature like this. The secret is that this feature is still hidden from most users, but when found, is a gem to work with.

It makes it easy to switch and review other report sections for any modification. In addition, this feature would continue to be present if shared in a PDF format, or as a link.


A dashboard to maintain, record, store, and organize all the important and required reports for reviewing or modification purposes. This is what Optmyzr offers its users. It can be updated daily, weekly, or even monthly, as per your convenience.

Graphic inclusion

An advertisement with text? Or one with images and animation? What would your eyes prefer? The latter one, right? When people view your ads more, they will click it frequently, which would attract traffic to your site.

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The widget of Optmyzr, that goes by the name of Top Image Ads widget lets you attach images or even animation to your ads and make them more attractive.

Further, your reports can also include images for the ease of understanding.

Mathematical representation

Once your ad has been out for a specified time period, you need to know how they are performing. This performance can be statistically compared in the form of charts and tables, using the Segment Line Chart Widget. It gives you detailed information about how a particular product is doing, and how the entire brand is performing.


  • Everybody is a busy bird nowadays, and Optmyzr offers you with some such time saving tools and options that prove effective in the long run.
  • If you are worried about your client retention rates, then do not because Optmyzr has increased accuracy features that always give you precise results.
  • To add to the already existing easy working system, is a professional dashboard that is attached and designed according to your needs.
  • It is a tech savvy application with numerous new age technology systems like budget scripts, check destination scripts, check sitelink scripts, account alerts, and account workouts, amongst others.
  • Client campaigns are optimised according to personalised needs and suitable data is presented thereafter.


  • A troublesome job is the overloading of all the available tools in Optmyzr. Everytime you wish to see some tools, it loads every tool available right from the beginning, without any preference for the best tools that the users require. In short, there are no tools filtering options available.
  • The interface performance turns out to be inconsistent and clumsy at unpredictable periods. While it turns out to be an easy to use platform for most times, it skips the ability to maintain that performance throughout, being a great cause of frustration and tension for users.
  • Although Optmyzr supports the Bing search engine, it greatly lacks the ability to create as many accounts in Bing as on other platforms like AdWords. Further, the account efficiency is poorly maintained in Bing.
  • If you own a small business, a startup, or are a freelancer, you might not get the desired results because of low service efficiency issues with small accounts.

Which one is better?

We have individually observed the functioning of Opteo and Optmyzr in as much detail as we could. However, now the question stands, which one of them is better? How can we arrive at a single answer? That is right! By evaluating both of these management tools on the basis of the most significantly relevant criteria that is available to us today.

Your business needs might differ, and so what one person is saying might not look like a suitable option to you. Therefore, we have carefully researched several parameters that would clearly demarcate which one of the two tools are best for you.

So, keep your business goals ready, and start checking all the boxes that meet your needs. You would definitely be out of the state of ambiguity as and when you get closer to the finishing line.

Comparison Table

Criteria OpteoOptmyzr
FeaturesA total of 14 key features are available in Opteo including Account Alerts and Bid Management, to name a fewThere are 56 key features available in Optmyzr, starting from A/B Testing, to Workflow Management
Platforms SupportedOpteo only supports web based platforms, against iPhone, Windows, and android applicationsOptmyzr supports both web based as well as android applications based platforms and assists in their smooth functioning
PriceThe initial subscription package begins at a price of $97 per monthThe starting subscription package is priced at $208 per month
Total IntegrationsOpteo provides its users with 2 integrations including Slack and Google AdWords.A total of 5 integrations are dispensed by Optmyzr
CustomersUsual or regular customers from every arena are welcomed, including freelancers, small, mid size, and large businesses and enterprisesLike it’s worthy opponent, optmyzr also entertains regular customers of all sizes and backgrounds.
Customer Support ServicesThere are no video, audio, or web based customer support availableKnowledge Based customer support services are provided
User ReviewsFrom a sample of 110 customers, the approximate user rating for Opteo is 4.9 out of 5Based on 184 customer ratings, Optmyzr was rated to be .3 points lower than Opteo, that is 4.6 out of 5
TrainingDocumentation and showing graphics through videos are the only two ways available through which Opteo gives trainingOptmyzr provides a host of training options including live training, online platforms, webinars, videos, and through the medium of documentation


Optmyzr and Opteo have compelling features. However, Optmyzr outshines Opteo in dispensing a total of 56 exceptionally well features. The margin is large, in the sense that Opteo only has 14 features in total and lags behind in the race of the ‘features parameter’.

56 features provided by Optmyzr are A/B Testing, API, Account Alerts, Accounting, Activity, Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Ad hoc Reporting, Advertising Management, Alerts / Escalation, Alerts/Notifications, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Audit Management, Audit Trail, Automated Scheduling, Automatic Adjustments, Bid Management, Budget Control, Budget Management, Budgeting/Forecasting, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Campaign Planning, Campaign Scheduling, Campaign Segmentation, Configurable Workflow, Conversion Rate Optimization, Conversion Tracking, Customer Activity Tracking, Customizable Fields, Customizable Reports, Data Import/Export, Data Visualization, Forecasting, Geotargeting, Keyword Research Tools, Keyword Tracking, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Monitoring, Multi-Campaign, Multi-Channel Marketing, Performance Management, Performance Metrics, Productivity Analysis, Project Workflow, Real Time Data, Real Time Monitoring, Real-time, Updates, Reporting & Statistics, Scheduled / Automated Reports, Self Service Portal, Tagging, Third Party Integrations, Trend Analysis, User Management, Visual Analytics, and Workflow Management.

This is against the 14 features provided by Opteo which include A/B Testing, Account Alert, Analytics/ ROI Tracking, Bid Management, Budget Control, Budget Management, Campaign Management, Conversion Tracking, Keyword Tracking, Keyword Research Tools, Monitoring, Multi-Campaign, Real Time Monitoring, and finally Task Management.

Undoubtedly,  Optmyzr wins the race in this one.

Focus Area

Although they are both ad management tools, they still have different focus areas and they make use of their resources to emphasise their respective specialization areas. Opteo focuses on advertisement and digital marketing to be its primary perfection zone. On the other hand, Optmyzr places its focus in the direction that is more inclined towards campaign management  and advertisement.

Supported Platforms

There are four major kinds of platforms that any business looks for in order to elevate their sales. These include iPhone applications, Microsoft Windows application, Android apple, and finally Web Based platforms. While Opteo only supports the web based platform, Optmyzr stretches its support to android applications as well, definitely in addition to web based online platforms.


While many businesses look for management tools that have integrations with sites like BigCommerce, Drupal, LinkedIn, etcetera, successful tools like Opteo and Optmyzr support only 2 to 5 integration services.

Optmyzr has 5 total integrations including Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, amongst others, Opteo has 2 integrations including Slack, and Google AdWords.


Like their alternatives, Opteo and Optmyzr have different pricing plans. Let us explore the pricing plans of both these tools in depth. Some commonalities in the pricing plans include that both of them are subscription based, provide free trial, and do not demand the requirement of a credit card.

Opteo’s monthly plans start from $97 a month, and the tool follows subscription based planning. While it gives a free trial to all its first time users, a variety of other plans followed by Opteo include $190 per month, and $397 per month. The changes in this price can be easily attributed to the fact that there are additional features available with each rising price.

Moving to Optmyzr, the monthly pricing plan begins from $208 for each month and introduces two other monthly plans that go by the names of Pro and Pro+. The Pro monthly plan is priced at $416 per month and includes all the core features plus automations. On the other hand, the Pro+ monthly plan costs around $665 per month and allows the user to make 50 accounts, including all automations and features.

Apart from this, the annual plan presented by Optmyzr involves a 2 months free discount to all its users.

Customers and Customer Support

Opteo and Optmyzr agree on their list of mutual customers and serve them with their best services. They entertain, assist, and guide customers like freelancers, small businesses, mid size businesses, and enterprises, thereby becoming inclusive of all shapes and sizes.

In addition, they also shake hands in using similar channels to lend customer support services. The channels include e-mail, help desk, FAQs, forums, knowledge base, and chat. They do not offer 24*7 live support or telephonic services.

Business Setting

From our discussion above, we know how Opteo and Optmyzr differentiate their focus areas mainly on the basis of digital marketing and campaign management. Owing to these differences, their business needs differ and so do their business settings.

Optmyzr is a popular pick among industries like Marketing and Advertising (63%)  Retail (4%), and Internet (14%), and in segments like SMB and MidMarket (94%) , and Enterprise (6%). Opteo, on the other end, is popular in industries including Marketing and Advertising (75%), Internet (12%), and Computer Software (5%), and popular in segments of SMB and MidMarket (95%), and Enterprise (5%).


User Reviews above all, define the user to user genine experience of different tools and help other people in alerting them of all the possible and unforeseen challenges from using the particular tool or application. In other words, they sum up the entire comparison procedure and help us in getting to the most appropriate answer.

On the basis of 110 user ratings, it was estimated that Opteo stands at a rating of 4.9 out of 5, with 100% of the audience recommending its usage. The only drawback received was for its delivery of available features.

Moving to its counterpart, Optmyzr received 4.6 stars out of 5 on the basis of 184 user ratings, with 98% of the audience recommending the usage of this application. While customer support received full 5 stars, the categories suffered include ease of use, value for money, and features. These estimates are based on the most recent reviews.


We have made a careful and in-depth evaluation of two of the most popular ad management tools using appropriate criteria and parameters. We expect you to reach your solution by now. Nevertheless, in further cases of confusion, you can have a look at some of their equally valuable alternatives that offer similar features with similar pricing plans. Some of them are, Marine Software, SEMrush, adCore, SpyFu, Funnel Science, Adalysis, and AdNabu amongst others.

Finding the right advertisement management tool is not much of a hassle now!

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