Official trailer of the new and improved Road Rash is out

If you’re a 90s kid then you can recall the game Road Rash which ended in 2000. Now it looks like the game is set to make a comeback with better graphics and improved overall quality of the game. Also with the new and better game is the new name. Road Rash 4 will be released worldwide as “Road Redemption”. This is probably done because of conflict between game’s creator Dan Gielser and EA Sports over the label’s rights. But now it appears that the issues have been ironed out and the game will be released in mid-2018. You can watch the official trailer of the game to get a grasp of the new changes.

The essence of the game remains similar. The player encounters various obstacles on his way to victory, even police, and the controls at first glance look pretty basic and in line with the old game.

Road Redemption’s release will mark a trip down memory lane for most players of the game who had to abruptly see an end to the game in 2000 owing to Giesler’s burnout.

The primary reason why I didn’t focus on making the fourth edition was because I was burned out at that time. I was focusing on so much about the game’s details, that I would just work 20-21 hours a day. Hence, I decided to take a long break from the game. Then I just moved onto other bigger projects, but now I miss playing it as well and I’m sure there are other there. Unfortunately, EA Sports own the rights of the game, so we will have to work something out there. But, if there are enough people interested we are doing it. I have a sketchy blueprint about the game’s dynamics, keeping in mind current day scenario as well.

If everything goes as planned, the game will be out soon and will definitely be nostalgic for the 90s kids. Until the game is released, you can head to the comments section and share your thoughts about this news.

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