It is now possible to send passwords through the body

Technology never fails to amaze us. The new discoveries and inventions will help human life to survive for many years upfront. Till now, we have methods to send passwords through WIFI and Bluetooth. Basically, people can lock and unlock their homes from smartphone apps.

Locking and unlocking happen wirelessly. We can’t admit this method to be most secure. Hackers can hack the signals and can retrieve the passwords you send. They interrupt the signal and break the encryption to get the password. Considering this problem, University of Washington researchers came up with an innovative idea.

Now password will go through the body to a receiver located inside the lock of house or office. They developed a system where you can transmit a low-frequency signal on contact with a fingerprint scanner. The signal cannot be detected at longer distances.


People approach the door and place a finger on a scanner which automatically unlocks the door. This system is far better than hackable WIFI and Bluetooth security systems. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a smartphone to make this system work. Any electronic device capable of detecting fingerprints and sending low-frequency signal through the body will work well.

Simultaneous to technological advancements, hackers and criminals are also coming with new ideas. Most cars now have an unlocking system where owners with keys in their pockets approach the car and it unlocks. Hackers found a way to amplify the car’s radio signal. They increase the range until it reaches home. With keys in the home itself, car unlocks as it detects the keys within its radio signal.

Hackers will find a way to hack this system of using the body as a medium to send passwords. They are now in beta level developing a prototype. More security features will be added soon. Technological advancements are good for mankind especially in preventing fraudulent activities.

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