Now You Can Get Instagram or Snapchat on Windows PC

This generation spends a lot of time with PC and typing so much. It may be the workplace or school and one needs to monitor their most loved social sites in leisure. The mobile-based apps like Snapchat or Instagram, notwithstanding, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Maybe it’s not so difficult to get rid of this. There are, truth be told, two or three ways you can get to these cell phone-driven web-based social networking locales like Instagram or Snapchat on Windows PC or Mac.

There is no ‘’ watcher that gives a chance to see your timeline, nor Mac or Windows 10 application for Snapchat like Instagram.

You may use an Android emulator like BlueStacks or Andy Android Emulator which is free and simple to utilize or consider another free emulator which additionally deals with both Windows and Mac.

Here are the steps, in a nutshell, to get Instagram or Snapchat on Windows PC.

Using Bluestacks:

-Download Bluestacks and install the 254 MB executable file.
-Set up all the account information like linking to Google Account and set up payments if you want to, else skip.
-Use the search bar to look up for Snapchat or Instagram according to what app you want to emulate.
-Click on its name to navigate to the Google Play Store.
-After you enter the Google Play Store, click on install button and agree to all the permission requests to download and install the app.
-Now when the app is installed, open it and log in with your credentials.

Using Andy Android Emulator:

-Once you have downloaded and installed Andy Android Emulator, set it up.

-Now, go to Google Play Store and search for your desired app.

-Download the app and install it which in this case would be Instagram or Snapchat.

Why use these emulators?

Several Windows 10 PC apps don’t support every feature but the mobile variants of the apps do. Photo and video uploads from the Windows 10 PC app for Instagram is one of the examples. There are many top Android and iOS apps like Snapchat, which are not available for Windows 10 like Snapchat, it is obvious for the person to using emulators like Bluestacks and Andy Android Emulator.

‘Bluestacks’ is better for gaming and on the other hand, ‘Andy’ supports every kind of app with a good performance. Both of them can use your external PC hardware like mics and Cameras to be used with the app which was a plus point for both of them. And both of them support Snapchat and Instagram flawlessly.

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