You guys might already know that Nokia 2 have passed through the FCC. The most  eye catching thing in Nokia 2 is its Battery capacity – a big fat 4,000mAh! That’s a huge jump over the other nokia phones. Nokia 5,6 and 8 have a thousand less that is 3,000mAh.

The Snapdragon 210 chipset doesn’t use a lot of power  because its not that powerful so less battery is required. Also rumore’s are the phone will have 4.7-5″ screen of modest 720p resolution the battery life should be stellar  Nokia 2

Anyway, the FCC also lists the charger – 5V at 2A, a typical phone charger in other words. We weren’t expecting fast charging (the 5 and the 3 don’t have it either), but that chunky battery is going to take a while to fill up at this rate.

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