No Nougat Update for OnePlus 2 – Confirmed

OnePlus 2

OnePlus has finally confirmed that there will be  no Nougat update for OnePlus 2. Initially the company promised to give 2 yewars of update support but now is refusing to give Android N update for OnePLus 2.

Report’s says that OnePlus says that the customer service has been already told the users about no Android N update for OnePlus 2. Also company thinks that they are doing good with their softwares and are happy with the decision. The company has already confirmed Android O update for OnePlus 3 & 3. So [no Nougat for the OnePlus 2]. Also they said that people are already aware of the news.

The company when asked about ” Why OnePlus 2 is not getting Android N?” . They said “when we built the OnePlus 2 we didn’t have the software infrastructure team in place we do now,” BY these words it seems the company is pushing thinds over developers.

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