New System-Wide Dark Theme Comes To Android Wear Devices

When Microsoft officially announced Windows 10 in September 2014, it was said by the company that this is going to be “the last version of Windows.” At that time, the future of the Windows is not clear. As we saw, various new Windows 10 SKUs have been introduced by Microsoft last year: there was Windows 10 S – which can only run Windows Store apps, Windows 10 Pro – Build for workstations and many more. These are many different editions of Windows 10 for PC, every edition has its own advantage and disadvantages.

Android Oreo

So talking about Windows 10 OS it is too complex, too slow, and to battery hungry. Android beat Windows as the dominant OS for Internet usage last year, and this is not to be digested by Microsoft. So to overcome this Microsoft have been reportedly working hard on making Windows 10 more modular, an effort that has been codenamed “Windows Core OS”.
As per the report from Windows Central, Windows Core OS could be the foundation of two OS: Andromeda OS – which will apparently power the company’s rumored foldable mobile device, and Polaris – a streamlined version of Windows 10 for PCs.

Though details are scarce Polaris will reportedly support Microsoft’s upcoming CShell that scales for different display sizes, and would ditch Win32 components altogether. But some sources claim that Microsoft is investigating running Win32 app support with virtualization.Being based on UWP would make Polaris even further locked down than Windows 10 S. While that also only allows for apps from the Microsoft Store, it’s otherwise like Windows 10 Pro. Essentially, Windows 10 S is a midway to Polaris.

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However, Polaris isn’t meant to succeed Windows 10, nor will users be able to upgrade or downgrade. Instead, Windows 10 Pro will be here for power users and gamers, while Polaris will be the version marketed towards those who want portability and a lightweight operating system.

Although Microsoft is aiming for a 2019 release. So, stay tuned for further updates.

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