A New GeekBench Listing Reveals more about the Xiaomi Blackshark SKR-A0

Xiaomi is seemingly in works with many new interesting devices, which it’ll launch in the near future. Yes, we’re still waiting for the Mi Mix 2s to release. And in the meanwhile – We’ve got to hear about a new fascinating device too, which is supposedly titled, Xiaomi Blackshark SKR-A0.

We’ve previously heard about this device when it initially showed up in an AnTuTu Benchmark, last month. Moreover, it was also featured in quite a few reports, every now and then, in the meantime.

The company hasn’t officially talked about the device yet. However, a fresh GeekBench listing has surfaced now, to divulge more about the Xiaomi Blackshark SKR-A0, to the world. So, for the start, we could infer that it has got a Snapdragon 845 SoC and an 8GB RAM.

Going further, the listing shows that the device has scored 2452 in the single-core and 8452 in the multi-core performances. These scores are pretty high, even considering the fact that it’s powered by the latest SD845.

Certain sources suggest that the Xiaomi Blackshark SKR-A0 features an aviation-class cooling solution. This lineament maintains the temperature of the CPU and GPU, even during heavy usage episodes. Thus, such a high performance is achieved, with the help of this new cooling solution. This also conceivably hints that upcoming device is a gaming oriented smartphone.

On the other hand, we could also presume something more interesting, digging deeper into the device’s nomenclature. It could possibly have connections with the company, named BlackShark Tech Inc. which Xiaomi partially owns.

We can expect the Xiaomi Blackshark SKR-A0, to empower a top-class DSP, as the company specializes in OCR solutions. Well, only if we consider it to be fact.

Anyway, apparently, we can’t expect an official statement about this upcoming device since it’s too early. Moreover, the Mi Mix 2s is queued up for the launch, which Xiaomi has to focus more on. So, let’s wait and watch the further advancements, until then.

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