New chat-based UI like Google Assistant coming to Cortana


Microsoft is working on a chat-based or we can say Conversational UI for Cortana. This may sound similar to the Google Assistant App.

Do you like the way in which Google Assistant App works? If yes, then you might get a similar one for Cortana too. Microsoft is reportedly working on a new UI for Cortana which will be similar to the Google Assistant App.


Conversational UI works in such a manner that you simply have to type a querry, send it and get a popup reply just like a text message. Cortana will also work in the same way.

User will be having the option of choosing between voice commands or typing the querry. Whatever user speaks, it will be converted to a text and the reply by cortana will be similar to as Cortana responds now i.e., text as well as voice.

It is also reported that Microsoft may be moving Cortana into the System Tray rather than next to the Start button.

We are still unaware of when it is coming to users for hands on.

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Source: Windows Central

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