How To Set Up Your New Android Smartphone Easily

Whenever you buy a new Android smartphone you want to use it instantly. But you can’t use it because you have to set up your device first. Sometime it might be hectic but it’s usually easy to set up a new Android smartphone.

How To Set Up Your New Android Smartphone Easily

new android smartphone

If your new device is Android 5.0+ you can skip some steps like manually downloading your favorite apps and importing your contacts.

When you boot up your new Android smartphone, you’ll encounter a welcome screen they I’ll say to insert your sim card. Every model has a different place to insert the SIM card.

Some devices might have it at the sides others at the top. Pop the SIM on the phone using the small toll given.

It’s time to select your preferred language and connect your phone to WiFi. Decide how you want to set up your device, like how you want to add your contacts or apps.

There are two options:

  • Set up as new.
  • Restore a backup.

The ‘set up a new’ means that you have to start everything from the beginning. Select that option if it’s your new Android smartphone ever.

You can restore your backup from.

  • Old Android device.
  • Google account.
  • Your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re importing your data from an iPhone or Android phone and it has built-in Near Field Communication (NFC). You can always use the feature called tap & go. Or else you can import your data from your Google account.

Android Tap & go

Your old device should have NFC and your new phone should be Android 5.0 or later. NFC came to android phones in 2010.

  • Enable NFC in both the device.
  • Tap the backs of both the device together.
  • Wait till the data is copied to your new phone.
  • Continue the setup process.
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Restore from backup

If your old or new phone doesn’t have NFC then you can import your backup data to your new Android smartphone which will be stored in your Google account.

Start from scratch

You can always have a fresh start and install every app manually. If you sign in with your old email address then the contacts will be imported to this device

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