New adaptive Shell with Windows 10 Coming for PC, Mobile and Xbox

With Windows 10, Microsoft has always brought new tech for its customers. This time, Microsoft is working on bringing a new Shell (internally known as “cshell” or “Composite Shell” ) for Windows 10.

It shows that Microsoft does not want to be left behind at any aspect when it is about their products and customers. This upcoming shell or also known as the Adaptive shell will be a really big upgrade for Windows 10 and the way it works across the different devices.

Currently, Microsoft has different shells for different devices running on Windows 10, but with this new shell, Microsoft aims to bring a single shell for all of the devices running on Windows 10 which will it easier for them to work on upcoming projects for all the devices.

Microsoft’s Composite Shell will play a huge role in their rumored “Surface Phones” and Windows 10 on ARM. With the Composite Shell, Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile’s will get enhanced as it will be able to give almost similar UI like Windows 10 on PC.

Will this new upgrade become helpful or will it cause trouble?
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Source: MS Poweruser

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