Must Have Android Apps for Everyday Life

The most popular platform for smartphone user is Android. More than three billion apps are exists in Google play store for the android user. Some are free and some are paid. It’s impossible to try each and every app or install plenty of android apps in your device at a time.

Even we know our android device comes with a limited storage and limited RAM thus if you install too many apps that are useless then ultimately you will face the problem of slowing your android device. However, your device will hang frequently.

When the term comes in mind efficiency then you must have a few android apps in your device for your everyday life. I have searched a lot and tested several efficient and useful apps for you that will make your regular life easier and keep you up to date with the latest features.

Though this list doesn’t come with apps from every category but I have creates this list of most effective and must have android apps. I have mentioned some common apps that are providing same services so you can use either one of those.

Must Have Android Apps

Google Maps

Nowadays it’s quite hard to get people who do not like traveling. Even if you don’t like to travel then you might have to do because of working purpose or something like this. Google maps is the app that will help you to keep you on the right way even if you never go there. It has plenty of features to get real time direction as well as you can save the direction and route for the future use, while you will be unable to connect with internet. It also gives you the proper distance from one place to another place over the world.
[appbox googleplay ]


Once upon a time we communicate through mail that takes too much time to receive. Now we have email and we can send any message within seconds. I don’t see anyone who doesn’t have a gmail account. This Gmail app helps you to manage your all email activities efficiently and easily. Even you can send media file along with your text in a single click through this gmail app.  This is one of the must have android app undoubtedly.

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While people are talking about watching videos over internet then there is no perfect alternative of YouTube. YouTube gives you the free access of watching millions of videos in one place. You can watch and save the video to watch even when there is no internet connection. This app also helps you to easily sign in your Google account and save your all activities in YouTube.

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What’s happening outside? Raining or Clouds? This Weather android apps helps you know what’s the current temperature outside and what will be. This app gives you precise weather forecasts wherever you go. It provides you real time weather forecasts.

[appbox googleplay com.wea.climate.clock.widget ]

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the Google’s latest feature mainly for Google Pixel users. It considered advancements or an extension of Google Now. The former Google assistant “OK Google” newly formed with Google Assistant.

You might have heard of Apple Siri or Windows Cortona. Google assistant is as same as these features. Google Assistant android apps is another must have android apps that will manage your android device over voice command.

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Google Drive

Google drive is the most popular cloud storage service where you can store your data and use it from anywhere. Just sign in with your gmail account and get the free 15 GB storage to store your data. Even they have premium service of 1 TB or 2 TB cloud storage service.

If you have Google Drive android apps in your android device you can safely and easily store your data and use it from anywhere. This app gives you quickly access all of your data in Google drive along with you can share these data with anyone you want to.

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Dropbox is one of the best alternatives of Google drive. Dropbox gives you 2 TB free storage service along with securely and easily sharing option. You can store your confidential data in your Dropbox account and use it in your android smartphone from anywhere with this Dropbox android app.

I am using dropbox since years and I have got it efficient to share my data with my friends and clients.

[appbox googleplay ]

Nova Launcher

Launchers are a great way to change the user interface of an android device without having to install custom firmware. In short, launchers help to manage your home screen and rearrange app drawer. Some of the launchers come with many custom icon packs.

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular and efficient android launcher that I ever seen. Install this android app in your device and gives an amazing look of your home screen.

[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher ]


Skype is the most efficient video call service which gives you free video calling and chatting features. This platform was first released in 2013 and still serving the best video calling service. They have Skype android apps that will give you one click video call services and chatting. This is one of the most efficient video calling android apps in google play store.

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I hardly get people who don’t use facebook. More than 2 billion of facebook users and among them more than 1 billion people are using Facebook android apps. You can do everything with this android apps along with manage your pages and groups. This is the secured facebook official android apps that help you to update your status and respond other activities easily.

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.katana ]

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is another live chatting and calling service from facebook. You can reach your friends through messenger in no time. Even you can make a video call with your groups with messenger android apps. This is one of the must have android apps for social media.

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.orca ]


Shareit is one of the fastest wireless data transfer service from one device to another devices. You can share or receive contents from one android device to another device just by one click. This android apps keep you connected wirelessly with another android device.

[appbox googleplay com.lenovo.anyshare.gps ]


Amazon is the world largest online store. There are millions of products are listed in their online store. Amazon android apps help you to buy from amazon store easily and save your time. This app has automated payment option as well as you can save products for future purchase. This is one of the must have android apps for the people who really want to save time while shopping through online.

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Instagram is now a popular photo sharing media. You can share your photos with Instagram android apps to your Instagram friends and directly to Facebook. This android apps comes with a few amazing filters that will make your photos amazing.

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Linkedin is one of the most popular corporate social media platforms. Most of the user of Linkedin are involve in corporate sectors and business figure. This is a platform to get a job while you connecting with a lot of corporate people. Linkedin android apps is the must have android apps for your device to keep you active in Linkedin frequently. You can update status and respond others activities with this app.

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It’s obvious an android device is nothing if there are no apps that are necessary for regular life. Though I have mentioned that I have made this list with the must have android apps but there are plenty of android apps that entertain you while you passing leisure time.
If you found anything interesting or any new apps that are must have android apps then let us inform through comments.

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