Moto E3 Power explodes after charging, phone completely melted

It’s another day and another device catches fire. This hasn’t been going really good for smartphones since the Note 7 fiasco. While this time its Lenovo owned Motorola that caught fire, this most certainly raises a big question, are these mobile devices safe?

The latest device to explode is Moto E3 Power which was launched back in September 2016. The video of device burning was shared by its owner Sachin on Twitter as well as on YouTube. The device is shown in smoke and is completely burned. You can check out the video as well as the tweet below.

The owner did contact the company but hasn’t received any response from them till now. We will have to wait to know the exact reason behind the whole incident but for now, we just hope that no other devices catch fire.

Also as a warning, please do use the original chargers, battery, and other accessories as the 3rd-party accessories are one of the biggest reason behind these incidents.

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