Microsoft’s early 2017 Road Map for Windows 10 Mobile

has been a while since Microsoft released an update for Windows Insiders on
Windows 10 Mobile. But this doesn’t mean that the Redmond giant has stopped
testing the internal builds for Windows 10 Mobile. Now MSPU has been sent some
exclusive screenshots which were apparently sent from the recent internal
builds for Windows 10 Mobile. The new screenshots reveal some of the early
changes stored in house by Microsoft for Windows Insiders.

below to check out a detailed info on the features as per the report from MSPU.

  •  The
    first and foremost feature is the introduction of the Web Payments. It is
    basically a payment process which used Payment Request APIs to give a deeper
    payment integration. Microsoft has also revamp the Hub UI and it looks better
    and a lot like that on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PC. Microsoft is also
    working on a feature that lets you to store EPUB files including books.
  • Next
    up, Microsoft is also working on to make the Settings App a lot like that on
    Windows 10 PCs. They have re-organized some of the settings to make navigation
    better. Also, they have added new sections like Apps where users can see the
    detailed info about the apps and reset them.
  • One
    of the most controversial feature of Windows 10 was the new Windows Update
    settings. Microsoft has finally listened to the feedback and now Windows Update
    carries an option to pause the updates for a maximum period of 35 days. This
    feature is good for people who for some reasons
    don’t want the update to installed immediately after it is seeded to the
    servers for distribution.
  • One
    of the biggest attraction of the Microsoft event in New York last year was the
    3D everywhere concept. Following the plan of action, Microsoft has now added View
    3D app to Windows 10 Mobile. The app was recently added to the Windows 10 PC
    builds as well. The app allows you to View 3D content for now but we do expect
    Microsoft to bring 3D content like the one we saw at the Microsoft event back
    in October.
these are some of the new stuff we will be seeing from Microsoft in the days to
come. These features will arrive to Windows Insiders sometime in January and
Windows 10 Creators Update which is scheduled to arrive in the spring of 2017
will bring these features to everyone. If you want to experience these features
before everyone else, then you can join the Windows Insiders Program. Of
course, joining this program will expose your device to some bugs and glitches
but again there is no such thing as a free lunch.
now, do let us know in the comments section about your views on these new
changes for Windows 10 Mobile.

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