Developer gets Windows 10 on ARM running on Lumia Device

Windows 10

We all know that Microsoft has confirmed about no further development of Windows 10 Mobile and the platform is dead. Irrespective of it, there are some skillful developers who are not ready to leave the platform yet. One of the twitter user namely Hikari Calyx posted some evidence of Windows 10 on ARM on full … Read more

Support for IFTTT and more smart home providers added to Cortana

We all know that Cortana have less skills then other Personal Digital Assistants such as Alexa. But now it is becoming much better. Microsoft recently announced that Cortana is getting several new home automation skills. This will help it to interact with smart home devices more efficiently. Adding to it, Cortana will also have support … Read more

How to Create and Use a Password Reset Disk in Windows 10

One of our most self-irritating vices is to forget the important things at first place. Forgetting a password can be one of the more frustrating things to deal with, and if you’re unlucky enough to have forgotten the password to your Windows 10 PC account, you may be cursing to the heavens, so to speak. … Read more

How to Fix ‘MTP USB Device Driver Installation Failed’

If you’re connecting your mobile phone to your computer, and you see a message saying ‘MTP USB Device Driver Installation Failed’, then it is the best article you would need. But, no worries, it’s fixable. Here are 5 fixes for you to try.   What is MTP? MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol, which is … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 File Explorer to get the most out of it.

The previously known Windows Explorer got a new name as File Explorer with the release of Windows 8. But, the recent version, associated with Windows 10 has got a lot more functionality than ever before. Explorer is the only place which comes to your mind when you want to find, manage and explore your files. … Read more

Microsoft might call their next Windows 10 release as ‘Spring Creators Update’

Spring Creators Update

Microsoft always announces the names of Windows 10 updates. They do this months before they are released. The Fall Creators Update was announced in May before being released in September. And, the Anniversary Update was announced in March 2016 before it was generally available that August. With the next version of Windows 10, codenamed Redstone … Read more

Microsoft to put a permanent hault on the lightweight Windows 10 S as a seperate SKU, instead will be offering “S mode” in all Windows 10 versions

Windows 10 S

Just after the Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, it was very much clear that this SKU will be going to make the company go nuts, as it didn’t fit well in the lineup of Microsoft. Windows 10 S was designed to compete with Google’s Chrome operating system.Microsoft originally made the announcement that the Windows 10 … Read more

Microsoft’s take on it’s modern OS code-named Polaris


It has been noticed that Microsoft is building a new version of Windows 10, which is codenamed ‘Polaris’. It is for traditional PCs where they will strip out legacy components to build a more modern and refined OS. Alongside Andromeda OS, another Windows 10 project for mobile versions, Microsoft is building new Windows experiences for other … Read more

Someone installed Windows PE on Xiaomi Mi 4 mobile

MI 4

Recently there were reports on Windows 10 for ARM on Windows Phone and Lumia 1520. After these news, everyone thought it is the end. But, someone named “Roman Linev” on twitter posted about Windows PE installed on his Xiaomi Mi 4. In a twitter thread, he shared the details about installation. It looks like the … Read more

Microsoft releases new Build 16299.192 for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users

Microsoft yesterday released KB4056892 (OS Build 16299.192) for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) users. This update does not introduce any new feature but comes with the following bug fixes: Addresses issue where event logs stop receiving events when a maximum file size policy is applied to the channel. Addresses issue where printing an … Read more