Telefónica, a Spanish phone service introduces Aura. Soon will work with Cortana

The Spanish phone service Telefónica yesterday introduced “Aura” at MWC (Mobile World Congress). Aura is an Intelligence-Powered Digital Assisstant. Reportedly, they are planning to work with Cortana. It is even promised to enhance the way customers interact with Telefónica and manage their digital life with the company. At first, Aura will be released in Argentina, … Read more

Support for IFTTT and more smart home providers added to Cortana

We all know that Cortana have less skills then other Personal Digital Assistants such as Alexa. But now it is becoming much better. Microsoft recently announced that Cortana is getting several new home automation skills. This will help it to interact with smart home devices more efficiently. Adding to it, Cortana will also have support … Read more

Leak : Cortana will soon be able to guide you step by step to get things done on a Windows 10 PC!


Microsoft has lately been focusing on making Cortana more and more smarter in able to get things done for the user which directly increases the productivity of the user . When Cortana was launch with Windows 10 in 2015, there was a feature where you could ask her how to do stuff on the computer … Read more

Microsoft connected Home – Windows 10 Cortana will now control your Home

Microsoft Connected Home

Windows 10 is getting more Smarter day by day. Yes Windows 10 users will now be able to treat their PCs more like smart home hubs . As per reports today, it came out that Microsoft has added a “connected home ” section to Cortana. By using Connected home section user  can sign into smart … Read more

New chat-based UI like Google Assistant coming to Cortana

Microsoft is working on a chat-based or we can say Conversational UI for Cortana. This may sound similar to the Google Assistant App. Do you like the way in which Google Assistant App works? If yes, then you might get a similar one for Cortana too. Microsoft is reportedly working on a new UI for … Read more