Microsoft set to revolutionize console gaming!

After the success of the Xbox One, and its 4K ready counterpart Xbox One S, Microsoft is now all set to bring about the ecstasy of pure native 4K gaming to its console line, through the Xbox Scorpio project. It had announced the project in an earlier E3 briefing.

By adding high-end VR over native 4K, Microsoft aims to provide players with a truly immersive and ‘visually appealing’ gaming experience.
But, due to the scarcity of the hardware specifics, speculations on the internal components of the console still remains a mystery.

According to Wired, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said, “The capability to build a game that actually takes advantage of different hardware capabilities is part of any third-party dev ecosystem, or anybody who’s targeting Windows and console at the same time”. This is advantageous for both Windows and Xbox players, as the Xbox One line runs Windows.

Can this console prove to be a pinnacle of current gen console gaming, or is it too early for 60 Hz VR gaming for consoles? This can only be determined when the final product hits the user benchmarks.

Until then, Stay tuned to MSLeaks for everythng related to microsoft.

Source: TechRadar

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