Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ From Skype

Recently, Microsoft service agreement was updated this update is applicable to all of the Microsoft services. Some of the services like Skype, OneDrive, Xbox live, etc. It is prohibited to use offensive words and also offensive language on all Microsoft services.

Microsoft Service Agreement

This updated Microsoft service agreement now highlight Microsoft’s right which is to review user content. Which comes under the part of an investigation and which potentially forfeits credit and also the subscription time that is attached to the affected accounts.

Which includes Xbox Live Gold Membership time as well. This update will be applicable from May 1st.

The changes are as follows:

1. Under the Code of Conduct section in the Microsoft service agreement, it is clarified that use of fraudulent activity and offensive language is prohibited. It’s also clarified that violation of Code of Conduct in Xbox Live my result in bans or suspensions for the participation in all Xbox services. Also, includes forfeiture of content license, Microsoft accounts, Xbox Gold Membership and also balances which are associated with the accounts.

2. Doesn’t publically uses the services or display it to share any inappropriate material or content. Which involves the things like pornography, nudity, offensive language, bestiality, criminal activity or graphic violence.

3. Enforcement: if any of the terms are violated then Microsoft may stop providing services to the user or even the Microsoft account may be terminated. As per the Microsoft service agreement, all communication delivery may also be blocked.

The services like instant message, email, file sharing etc. These services will be blocked because it’s an effort to ensure that the terms. Or else Microsoft may refuse or remove users content without any reasons what so ever.

In the current Microsoft service agreement, the language is still identical. But only without including the term ‘Offensive Language’.

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